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Wed., December 12, 2018

12:00-1:00pm Coffee Hour (Padovano Commons)

Before the Faculty Assembly Meeting, join FAEC and the Provost for an informal coffee hour in the Padovano Commons.  Nothing fancy, but all are welcome!

1:00-3:00pm Faculty Assembly (Alumni Lounges) (The FA is open to a general College audience, including administrators, but only FA members as defined by our bylaws may vote.  All full-time employees contractually obligated to teach are FA members.)

  • Approve Minutes
  • Report: FA President
  • Report: College President
  • Report: Provost
  • Report: Middle States (Stephanie Sarabia)
  • Report: Student Athletes (Ben Fine)
  • VOTING ITEM: GECCo (Experiential Component)
    • Chief Diversity Officer (Nicole Morgan Agard)
    • SGA President (Stephan Lally): Food Pantry and Student Relief Fund (SRF) (To donate to the Student Relief Fund, scroll down to “Other,” and please write in “Student Relief Fund” in the text box for Other Gift Designation.)
    • Fair Trade (Neriko Doerr)

3:00pm AFT (Alumni Lounges)

  • Adjunct Professor Service Awards:
    All members of the College Community are invited to stay for the  Adjunct Professor Service Awards at the beginning of the AFT meeting.

FA Minutes:

Archived Minutes

Archived Minutes














Archived Agendas

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Archived Reports and Documents

Archived Reports and Documents

Reports and Documents




6/1/16 Current list of GECCo members for 2016-17

May 11, 2016 FA meeting (12 noon, H-129)

April 20, 2016 FA meeting (12 noon, H-129)

March 23, 2016 FA meeting (12 noon, H-129)

Feb 17, 2016, FA meeting:

Feb. 17, 2016: Faculty Forum – Library Renovations Task Force

  • draft library plans (for purpose of getting permission to seek bond money, Board of Trustees packet for 1/12/16 meeting). Draft Plans

Dec. 2nd, 2015

9/30: Emergency communication information from Donna Singer (10/7/15)

9/30: Faculty Forum – DRAFT of General Education implementation

9/2: Gen Ed forum Draft Presentation-(revised 9/2) 

Archived Documents

For May 20 2015 Faculty Conference:

General Education Task Force Report, May 8 (submitted to ARC)
4/28: 2015-2016 College Class Schedule (final version)
4/22 Schedule Task Force: proposed Spring 2016 Schedule
4/22 Gen. Ed. – clusters update
4/22 Provost’s Service Task Force: final report

For April 8: General Education Updated Documents
 3/15’s Presentation: The Draft Gen Ed. (pdf)
Memo regarding CRWT
Explanation of Language Requirement (3/31)
Language requirements at other schools
Goals and outcomes (Jan 2015)

3-11-15 TFAEE final report (rev. 11:50pm Fri 3/6/15)

Additional info from Dr. Karlin, TFAEE chair, regarding the Final Report: “Subsequent to the presentation made by the TFAEE at the Feb. 18 FA meeting, additional data was obtained and analyzed. This has resulted in an expansion to the section on Charge D (The perceived inequities in current (and potentially future) teaching load).”

3-11-15 Reports of FA committees
2-20-15 TFAEE Draft report
2-18-15 Reports of FA Committees, FRC, IDC
12-10-14 Reports of FA committees
11-12-14 Reports of FA Committees
11-12-14 DRAFT report of the Experiential Learning Task Force
10-15-2014 Reports of FA Committees, FRC, IDC
10-15-14 Charge of the Task Force on Academic Excellence and Engagement
10-15-14 FAEC’s report (including its Agenda) 
9-24-14 Reports of FA Committees, FRC, IDC




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