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Student Government Association (SGA)


The Ramapo College Student Government Association serves as the persistent voice of the student body. While representing the student body and ideals of Ramapo College of New Jersey, the Student Government Association through unity in diversity, embraces student leadership in all forms.

10/17 – A Message from the Student Government Association: Campus Safety

Senate Bill 2022-1: Campus Safety

Interim Senate Elections (Fall 2022)

Are you interested in joining the Student Government Association? The SGA is currently looking for two (2) Senators-at-Large! The application is due on Wednesday 11/30/22 at 11:59 pm. All approved candidates will present to the SGA Senate on Monday 12/5/2022 at 8 pm and be elected by the SGA Senate. The terms of Interim Senators-at-Large will begin on January 1, 2023. Any questions? Please email

For more info and to apply, click here!

Faculty Advisement Feedback Survey

The SGA is conducting a survey to investigate students’ opinions on faculty advisement, which will be used to improve faculty advisement at Ramapo College. This survey is for declared students* who are currently assigned a Faculty Advisor. Please do not fill out this form if you do not have a Faculty Advisor yet.

*”Declared students are students who have officially identified their major or course of study with the Registrar. Students who declared a major and earned 32 or more credits are assigned to a faculty advisor within their specific schools at the beginning of their second year.”

Please try to answer all of the questions to the best of your ability. While you are not required to give us your name and Ramapo email, all participants who give their name and Ramapo email will be entered into a raffle for a prize. No names or emails will be shared publicly. Any questions? Please email

Help us Improve Faculty Advisement at RCNJ!


SGA Leadership

Paolo Miyashiro Bedoya

Ashley Gomez
Senate President

Janea Tozer-Murphy
Vice President

Noe Ramirez

David Lopez

Aime Lara
Senate Vice President

Victor Olugwabemi
Chief Panelist

Zenobia Ahsanuddin
Chief of Staff

Rick Brown
Advisor; Director of the Center for Student Involvement

Anne Eke
Advisor; Assistant Director of Residence Life for Student Recruitment, Retention and Education

Jack Nesmith
Senate Advisor; Coordinator for Student Activities