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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”– John Quincy Adams





We believe that leadership development is an integral part of the college experience for every student.

The Student Leadership Programs Committee supports students in their leadership development and provides opportunities for students to identify their leadership paths.

We believe that leadership is a purposeful and collaborative process that leads to social change.

All students have the capacity to demonstrate leadership and we invite you to explore your leadership potential!


Student Leadership Awards:

The Student Leadership Awards applications are now open! For more information about the awards and the annual Student Leadership Ceremony please visit our Student Leadership Award page.


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Members of the Student Leadership Programs Committee 2018:

  • Tracey Bender, Student Success Coordinator
  • Karen Booth, Assistant Director of The Civic & Community Engagement Center
  • Rick Brown, Director For The Center For Student Involvement
  • Kathleen Finnegan, Associate Director of Athletics
  • Amanda Riehl, Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • Rachel Jaffe, Student Records Assistant
  • Tanadjza Robinson McCray, Student Development Specialist
  • Jack Nesmith, Coordinator for Civic Engagement and Student Leadership Programs
  • Asal Salah, Residence Director Of Overlook Hall
  • Alexandra Simone, Social Media Strategist & Content Manager
  • Dawn Wilkenfeld, Graduate Assistant for The Center for Student Success

Student Members:

  • Allison Goddard, Student Leadership Programs Coordinator
  • Christian Martinez, Resident Assistant for The Village
  • Stephan Lally, President of Student Government Association