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Members of the Ramapo community have successfully competed for more than $22 million in funding for grants from Federal, State and private sources to support activities that benefit the College.

Meet some of the successful applicants.

Recent Awards

Government and External Foundation Grants


Angela CristiniCristini, Angela '07 14

Angela Cristini, Ph.D., director of the Meadowlands Environment Center and a professor of Biology, received two grants, from Orange & Rockland and the Russ Berrie Foundation, to support the Mobile Food Lab.




Cathy HajoPhoto: Cathy Moran Hajo

The Booth Ferris Foundation awarded Cathy Hajo, Ph.D. $39,769 to allow the New Jersey Digital Humanities Consortium to hold summer workshops for faculty members at Ramapo College and Seton Hall University.  Dr. Hajo is Director of the Jane Addams Papers Project.




Edna Negron

Professor of Journalism, Edna Negron received a $2,500 grant from the Gannett Foundation to hold a journalism conference for high school students.




RCNJ Foundation Grant Allocations 2019
  • Murray Sabrin, The Financial Crash of 2018: A 10 Year Retrospective – $2,000
  • Ashwani Vasishth, Participatory Grassroots Sustainability Planning – $1,000
  • Christina Chung, Motivations for Using Instagram and Attitudes Toward Product Messages on Instagram Among Young Consumers – $700
  • Christina Chung, Japanese and Korean Cultures and Business: Exploring the Harmony of Traditional and Modern Societies – $4,000
  • Gilad Cohen, Residency with Aizuri String Quartet – $2,000
  • Anne Marie Flatekval, Nursing Student Success Strategies Program – $1,200
  • Deirdre Foreman, African American Relations with Ghana: Service, Culture, and Society – $2,500
  • Yvette Kisor, “Tolkien’s ‘The Lay of Aotrou and Itroun’ and The Lay of Leithian.” International Medieval Congress at the University of Leeds, England, July 2018 – $750
  • Catalin Martin, Travel to the 12th International Conference on Physics of Advanced Materials, Crete, Heraklion, Greece – $ 750
  • John McTighe, Disseminating Narrative Scholarship at the Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education, and Social Development – $750
  • Eva Ogens, Professional Development at the Ron Clark Academy, Atlanta, G.A. – $300
  • Chris Reich, Effects of Chronic Cannabinoid Exposure on Adolescent Risky Behavior: Focus on Sex Differences – $2,000
  • Robert Scorzo (student), Quinnipiac G.A.M.E. Forum – $1,700
  • Ashwani Vasishth, Sustainable Development in South India, Spring – $2,500

RCNJ Foundation Grant Allocations 2020

Due to COVID-19, most projects that were to be held in the spring were postponed to the 2020-2021 academic year.  Projects that involved spring travel were cancelled.

• Eman Abdelfattah, Optimizing Deep CNN Architectures for Face Recognition and Face Liveness Detection, $500
• Karen Aguirre, Ithaca College Los Angeles Program Grant, $500
• Amanda Beecher, Data Analytics Pathway at Passaic Public Schools visits Ramapo College, $342
• Karen Booth, Partnering with EOF to Expand Experiential Learning (Puerto Rico), $3,600
• Juan Cabrera, Peru- International Business Experience (Study Abroad Program), $1,800
• Suzanne Calgi, The proposal is to strengthen the ENHANCE program by providing a Special Ed. Grad student coach to address executive function deficits., $2,250
• Christina Chung, Increasing Financial Support for Faculty-lead Study Abroad: Japan and South Korea, $3,750
• Daniel Ciba, Theatre Nohgaku and Gettysburg: An American Noh, $2,000
• Gilad Cohen, Aizuri String Quartet performing Ramapo student’s music, $2,200
• Larry D’Antonio, Clairaut Repeals the Inverse Square Law, $750
• Satarupa Dasgupta, Developing an applied communication program with a focus on health and social justice, $250
• Cardacia Davis, NASW NJ Annual Conference, $410
• Eva Fazzari, Southern California: Wildfires & The Abandoned, $1,000
• Anne Marie Flatekval, Launching the Nursing Student Success Program, $2,500
• Robert Scorzo/Brian Goldberg, Quinnipiac Game Forum, $1,000
• Virginia Gonsalves-Domond, On Teaching Black Psychology in a Predominantly White Institutions: Meta-reflections and Students’ Comments, $750
• Shalom Gorewitz, Fieldwork in Ghana with two Visual Art majors, $3,000
• Judith Green, Building an Autism Support Program, $500
• John Gronbeck-Tedesco, Eastern American Studies Association Conference, $1,600
• Cathy Hajo, Palisades Interstate Park Commission Archives Collaboration, $1,800
• Cathy Moran Hajo, Using Jane Addams Papers Digital Edition for Social Work Education, $500
• Susan Hangen, Advancing Digital Humanities at Ramapo College: Funding faculty to attend Digital Humanities Summer Institute 2020, $3,750
• Romulo Babor Magnaye, Establishing the Sabrin Center Lean Operations Lab, $500
• James Morley, Funding for Student conference presentation, $600
• Fariba Nosrati, Business Analytics (BA) virtual lab, $2,000
• Eva Ogens, 3rd Caparica Conference on Antibiotic Resistance, $750
• Eva Ogens, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference (Chicago), $400
• Steven Perry, Scenery for Flora the Red Menace, $1,500
• Kathleen Ray, Collaboration with the Community: Determining need for Social Work Practice in Public Libraries, $1,320
• Kathleen Ray, Zak Sandler “Inside my Head”, $350
• Christian Reich, Sex Differences in Brain Endocannabinoid Signaling, $1,000
• Murray Sabrin, The crash of 1929: Lessons Learned. Could it Happen Again?, $500
• Murray Sabrin, Who Needs Doctors? The Future of Medicine, $1,200
• Dolly Sacristan, Cuba: Values and Ethics and Social Work Practice, $1,800
• Dolly Sacristan, Values and Ethics that inform Social Work Practice in Cuba, $2,000
• Natalia Santamaria-Laorden, A Transatlantic (Re)generation: The Indiano in the Fin-de-siècle Spanish Literature, Press and Government Publications, $750
• Stephanie Sarabia, International experiential learning: Embracing a social justice approach to substance abuse, $500
• Stephanie Sarabia, Broaden Access to Faculty Led Study Abroad Experiences to Low Income Students, $1,800
• Ruma Sen, India: Engaging Culture and Society of North India, $1,800
• Beba Shamash, INTL 130 Global Field Experience: Theater, Costume & Culture in London, $1,800
• Aaron Van Klyton, Ghana’s Rise as an African destination for Business Process Outsourcing- Institutional Voids, Information Communication Technology and Market Competition, $1,050
• Terra Vandergaw, Annual Kennedy Center Theater Festival, $3,510
• Nikhil Varma, A Futuristic Smart Community, $1,500
• Hillary Westgate, Open Educational Resources (OER) at RCNJ Research and Adoption, $1,320
• Lisa Williams, Teaching James Baldwin to Undergraduates: Creating Community, $1,200