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Members of the Ramapo community have successfully competed for more than $17 million in funding for grants from Federal, State and private sources to support activities that benefit the College.

Meet the successful applicants.

Recent Awards

Government and External Foundation Grants

Joe Connell

joe connell

The College received $225,000 over three years from EDUCAUSE to expand the Connect program among transfer students.  Connect provides an early warning system to identify students in danger of failing and has other functions to promote student success.  The project is a joint effort between the Center for Student Success, the Office of the Provost, Institutional Research, and Information Technology.


Angela CristiniCristini, Angela '07 14

Angela Cristini, director of Grants & Sponsored Programs and a professor of Biology, received a second year of funding for the “Middle School University (MSU)” project in the amount of $247,000 from the Paterson Board of Education.  The project provides science, technology, engineering, arts, and math education in two of Paterson’s worst-performing middle schools.  A similar initiative will be started in Little Ferry, NJ this year.  This new project will also provide STEM education in the Little Ferry middle schools, through a $153,400 grant over two years.


Cathy Hajo
kathy hajo

The National Historical Publications & Records Commission (a division of the National Archives) made a grant of $80,382 to the College for the Jane Addams Papers Project.  The Jane Addams Papers Project documents the life and work of Jane Addams, the founder of Hull House in Chicago and well known peace activist and suffragette of the turn of the last century.  The Project is based in HGS and is under the direction of alumna Dr. Cathy Hajo ’85.


David Nast / The Office of Specialized Servicesdavid nast

Under the leadership of David Nast, director of The Office of Specialized Services, received a $1.3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education TRIO Program to provide an array of services for students with disabilities. The grant provides funding for three counselors in the Office of Specialized Services over five years starting in FY 2017. The counselors provide academic advising as well as career counseling and independent living counseling for students with physical and behavioral disabilities. The grant also funds a computer technology specialist and extensive tutoring. A summer bridge program for entering students is also part of the project.


Rosa Mulryan
rosa mulryan

The N.J. Department of Labor granted Ramapo College a $180,000 Skills4Jersey award, to provide skills training for corporate employees in our area.  The grant is administered by the College’s Center for Innovative and Professional Learning, and includes leadership and advanced training for employees of Dress Barn and Prestige Family of Dealerships.  The project is under the direction of Rosa Mulryan, director of The Center for Innovative and Professional Learning (CIPL).


Christian G. ReichReich, C '08

Christian G. Reich, assistant professor of Behavioral Neuroscience, was awarded $187,500 research grant by the National Institutes of Health.  Reich’s research seeks to uncover the reason for mood disorders such as major depressive disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder that affect 20 million Americans. The three-year grant will continue the research Reich began while associated with the University of Maryland School of Medicine.



associated with the University of Maryland School of Medicine.



RCNJ Foundation Grant Allocations 2019
  • Murray Sabrin, The Financial Crash of 2018: A 10 Year Retrospective – $2,000
  • Ashwani Vasishth, Participatory Grassroots Sustainability Planning – $1,000
  • Christina Chung, Motivations for Using Instagram and Attitudes Toward Product Messages on Instagram Among Young Consumers – $700
  • Christina Chung, Japanese and Korean Cultures and Business: Exploring the Harmony of Traditional and Modern Societies – $4,000
  • Gilad Cohen, Residency with Aizuri String Quartet – $2,000
  • Anne Marie Flatekval, Nursing Student Success Strategies Program – $1,200
  • Deirdre Foreman, African American Relations with Ghana: Service, Culture, and Society – $2,500
  • Yvette Kisor, “Tolkien’s ‘The Lay of Aotrou and Itroun’ and The Lay of Leithian.” International Medieval Congress at the University of Leeds, England, July 2018 – $750
  • Catalin Martin, Travel to the 12th International Conference on Physics of Advanced Materials, Crete, Heraklion, Greece – $ 750
  • John McTighe, Disseminating Narrative Scholarship at the Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education, and Social Development – $750
  • Eva Ogens, Professional Development at the Ron Clark Academy, Atlanta, G.A. – $300
  • Chris Reich, Effects of Chronic Cannabinoid Exposure on Adolescent Risky Behavior: Focus on Sex Differences – $2,000
  • Robert Scorzo (student), Quinnipiac G.A.M.E. Forum – $1,700
  • Ashwani Vasishth, Sustainable Development in South India, Spring – $2,500

RCNJ Foundation Grant Allocations 2018
  • Patricia Ard, Workshop & Talk by Bonnie Monte – $600
  • Tracey Bender, Peer Facilitation Program – $1,000
  • Carol Bowman, Descriptive Survey and Comparative Analysis of the Effects of Mindfulness Programs in Schools – $2,100
  • Desislava Budeva, Effect of Institutional Distance on International Market Selection: Comparing Export of Foreign Direct Investment – $600
  • Desislava Budeva, The Effect of the Institutional Environment on International Expansion of US Films: Comparing Different Models of Entry – $1,200
  • Naseem Choudhury, Attentional and Inhibitory Networks Under Passive, Overt and Covert Conditions of Attention in Adults Using High-Density Event-Related Potentials – $1,000
  • Christina Chung, The Effectiveness of Snapchat as a Promotion Tool Among Millennials: An Experimental Study for a Social Media App – $2,000
  • Martha Ecker, Postal Workers and The Women’s Auxiliary: Surrogates for Political Action – $1,000
  • Michael Edelstein, Assn. Impact Assessment Conference – $600
  • Eva Fazzari, Photographing the Aftermath of Fire in California – $1,500
  • Deirdre Foreman, The EOF Ghana Service Learning Program – $5,000
  • George Gonpu, The Impact of US-Liberian Emigrant Remittances on the Health Expenditures and Outcomes of Recipient Families – $1,870
  • Itay Goren, Open Door Concert Series – $2,250
  • Shalom Gorewitz, The Legend of Nana Yaa Graphic Novel – $900
  • Thilmeeza Hussain, Assn. Impact Assessment Conference – $600
  • Elvira Katic, Academy for Educational Studies Conference – $450
  • Pinar Kayaalp, Canadian Society for Italian Studies Conference – $600
  • Kristin Kenneavy, Eastern Sociological Society Conference – $1,100
  • Yvette Kisor, Paper Tolkein’s Beowulf: Translating Knights at the International Medieval Congress at the University of Leeds, England – $750
  • Eileen Klein, Working with Involuntary Clients Conference – $600
  • Lee/Chung, Business Study Abroad Program in Japan and Korea – $3,500
  • Changhee Lee, The Disclosure of Non-GAAP Earnings Information and the Value of Financial Analysts’ Stock Recommendations – $500
  • Ben Levy, Cuba Study Abroad Program – $1,750
  • Iraida Lopez, Destination Havana: Time and Space Among the Pedro Pan of the Southern Cone – $350
  • Iraida Lopez, Latino/Latin American Studies Congress – $600
  • Henri Lustiger Thaler, Democracy, Power and the Human Journey: Social and Political Readings – $2,500
  • Lisa Lutter, Tuxedos for Chorale – $2,000
  • Catalin Martin, Undergraduate Research in Optical Spectroscopy of Materials – $2,592
  • James Morley, Student Travel to Present Research – $3,500
  • Eva Ogens, National Science Teachers Conference – $450
  • Eva Ogens, Stellaluna: A Lesson on Appreciating Diversity Through Science and Literacy – $265
  • Tamika Quick, African American, Asian American, Pacific Islander, Chicano, Hispanic, Latino Leadership Experience – $4,000
  • Christopher Reali, Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Assn. – $250
  • Tammi Redd, Project Management Practicum – $1,500
  • Christian Reich, Cannabinoid Modulation of Stress and Fear Responses in Females – $1,500
  • Murray Sabrin, Bubblenomics: Why the US Economy is Prone to Financial Bubbles and Why They Will Occur Again – $400
  • Stephanie Sarabia, Study Abroad in Lisbon, Portugal – $2,100
  • Mihaela Serban, Legal Culture and the Rule of Law in the Context of Post-9/11 Terrorism Trials – $1,000
  • Michael Thum, Quinipiac GAME Forum – $1,700
  • Gladys Torres Baumgarten, Academy of International Business, Latin America Conference – $600
  • Priscilla Tovey, International Writing Center Association Conference presentation – $2,200
  • Terra Vandergaw, College Theater Festival – $3,563
  • Ashwani Vasishth, AASHE 2017 Conference (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education) – $1,000
  • Eric Wiener, Study Abroad in the Peruvian Amazon – $1,750
  • Lisa Williams, Great Writing Conference in London – $600
  • Kathryn Yeaton, Trip to Financial Accounting Standards Board – $1,000
RCNJ Foundation Grant Allocations 2017
  • Michael Alcee, The Power of Introverts – $250
  • Patricia Ard, Melissa Anelli, Harry’ Potter’s Continuing Story – $1,500
  • Gladys Torres-Baumgarten, Business Experience in Peru – $5,000
  • Amanda Beecher, Math Contest in Modeling – $1,000
  • Hayley Bruning, Sigma Tau Delta Convention – $2,000
  • Juan Cabrera, Behavior of Traders Under Stressful Conditions – $1,000
  • Peter Campbell, “Can’t Get there From Here” – $1,500
  • Alex Cardazzi, Predictive Model Basketball Hall of Fame – $500
  • Gilad Cohen, Lysander Trio & Aeolus Quartet Residency – $2,100
  • David Colman, Liberian Studies Association Conference – $2,500
  • Christina Connor, Mapping the American History Textbook Project – $750
  • Paula Straile-Costa, FRN Conference in Greece – $750
  • Rosetta D’Angelo, FRN Conference in Greece – $750
  • Michael Edelstein, Climate Reality Training Program – $250
  • Benjamin Fine, Programming Competition & Conference – $665
  • Itay Goren, Open Door Concert Series – $2,500
  • Cathy Hajo, Jane Addams Papers Promotional Post Card – $600
  • Elvira Katić, Spring 2017 Conferences – $500
  • Kristin Kenneavey, Bystander Intervention Research – $800
  • Seon-mi Kim, How does worker cooperative model shape job crafting – $1,450
  • Karin LaGreca, Field Studies on the ecological and social impact – $1,500
  • Ben Levy, International Academic Opportunity in Cuba – $2,500
  • Lisa Lutter, Ramapo Chorale to Ghana – $6,000
  • Iraida López, Congress of the Latin American Studies Assn. – $750
  • Iraida Lopez, Cubanist Conference – $750
  • Joost Monen, Development of Monoclonal Antibodies – $1,800
  • Ann Marie Moreno, MSW Exchange Student – $2,000
  • James Morley, Mindfulness & Phenomenology Conference – $2,500
  • Eva Ogens, Expedition Iceland – $250
  • Thomas Owen, Development of Reagents & Methods for CRISPR – $1,000
  • Tom Owen, Development of Reagents and Methods for Using – $2,000
  • Christian Reich, Cannabinoid Modulation of Stress-Enhanced Fear Learning in Females – $2,000
  • Nicole Rodstrom, 2-D PAGE Enabling Technology – $1,529
  • Christopher Romano, Diplomas to Degrees Partnership – $700
  • Stephanie Sarabia, Study Abroad in Ghana – $5,000
  • Edward Shannon, FRN Conference in Greece – $750
  • Malavika Sundararajan, Impact of peer teaching on student learning – $1,750
  • Alexander Urbiel, American History Textbook Project – $1,500
  • Ashwani Vasishth, South India Culture & Sustainability – $3,000
  • Hilary Westgate, RCNJ Faculty Publications Brochure – $1,000
  • Lisa Williams, FRN Conference in Greece – $750