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Further Our Promise – Leadership: Donor Profiles


“My interest is in creating something lasting and something that is important for our society. The best thing I can do is support education. I want to contribute to the education of the most promising students and those who might not otherwise find college accessible.”

“Millicent and I are proud of Ramapo College and its fine faculty, students, staff, and administrators who are responsible for the institution’s high stature in the academic world. We are delighted to contribute to the continuing growth of Ramapo and its community.” – Dick Anisfield

Adler Adler

“The labs that will be built will have state-of-the-art-equipment so the students can better understand what’s going on in the world of medicine and how they can take it a step above. In these classes, they also learned that if they listen to the patient, they learn a lot. Maybe they can do something to forge on and do something that is even greater. I look forward to Ramapo being a leader in the nursing field in New Jersey and beyond.” – Elaine Adler


“When we heard that the physics lab needed additional equipment to accommodate the number of well-prepared students interested in studying engineering physics, we chose to support the new lab renovation. It seemed natural to us because of m husband’s background in science and my desire to support the increased number of women studying sciences.” – Marion Dugan


“In a recent survey, students said their greatest problem was stress. I think that it’s stress in terms of the economy, technology, the unstable world situation-all of which makes starting their careers much more difficult than it was for my generation. When they graduate, it’s the stress of finding a job.The stress of being successful.The stress of making one’s way in the world. Where the Spiritual Center helps is that in the midst of all this stress, there’s a calm island for meditation, contemplation, and practicing one’s religion.” – Larry Salameno


“I got the idea for the scholarship while I was sitting in class at Ramapo. When I looked around, I realized the sacrifices so many were making. They were so bright, so driven, but some didn’t have the money to get a master’s degree. In the social services, you really need a graduate degree to have the credentials and knowledge to make a difference. I thought if I helped one person, they could help 20, and it would have a nice ripple effect.” – Carol Schaefer

“The multiplier effect is amazing. You train a number and they go out and train others. Carol and I have discussed this over the years, and it’s one of the most inspiring things about supporting education. We’ve been fortunate to meet quite a few of the recipients, and their enthusiasm for what they’re doing is beyong belief.” – Chuck Schaefer