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CRW is Supporting You Remotely

SUMMER 2020: Reading and writing consulting services remain available completely online and will continue so through both summer sessions. All four professional staff are available for online sessions. Appointments may be made through Connect (graduate students, see below).

IMPORTANT: in concert with advice from the College administration, we are discontinuing the use of Zoom, and are moving to the Webex platform, for security reasons. In advance of your session, your consultant should invite you to a Webex meeting by sending you a link (which you should not share or publicize on social media). Also, you will need video and audio access (a camera, a microphone, and speakers or headphones).

GRADUATE STUDENTS who cannot access the Connect system may  make appointments for online sessions by contacting Sue Auger

The Center for Reading and Writing offers one-on-one, face-to-face consulting sessions in writing, reading, and study skills.  We encourage ALL Ramapo students to visit the Center. Whether you want to improve your reading, learn strategies for strengthening your writing, or brush up on study skills, we have the people and the resources to help you.

PLEASE NOTE THAT, BECAUSE THE WORK WE DO IN THE CENTER IS PRIMARILY INTENDED TO SUPPORT CRITICAL THINKING AND REVISION, WE WILL POLITELY REFUSE TO MEET WITH STUDENTS IF FEWER THAN 24 HOURS REMAIN BEFORE AN ASSIGNMENT IS DUE. Critical thinking and revision cannot be rushed, and, if you don’t have time to reflect on the work you want to do in the Center, then now is not the time for you to visit. Please plan ahead to make the most of your session.

Also, please note that it is against Center policy to permit back-to-back sessions. After a 40-minute session, you will be asked to wait at least another 40 minutes before being seen again.

Hours of operation

For hours of operation while the College is operating remotely, please consult our appointment schedule (available via Connect) or, if you are a graduate student, contact Sue Auger at

Location: our College location, in Linden Hall, is currently closed while the College operates remotely

E-mail: for the duration of remote operation, the general email address for the Center will not be monitored on a regular basis. To contact us, please choose from the following options:

  • to make an appointment for a remote consultation (via Webex), if you are an undergraduate student you can access our appointment calendar through Connect
  • to make an appointment, if you are a graduate student, please email Sue Auger at
  • for questions about workshops, please contact Priscilla Tovey at
  • for general questions or concerns regarding the Center and its policies and procedures, or for inquiries about job opportunities for undergraduates, please contact Tom Kitchen at

The Center also offers Student Workshops on a range of topics from writing the argument paper to critical reading and MLA, APA, and Turabian/Chicago style guidelines. These 45-minute workshops are facilitated by Center staff, faculty and peer consultants. Click below for a list of upcoming workshops.

Student Workshop Schedule

The Virtual Waiting Room. If it’s Wednesday, and you’re wondering whether there’s a wait, you can click the link below to see how many people are currently in line for a session at the Center (note that the number includes both people who are participating in active sessions, and those who are waiting for a session).

The Virtual Waiting Room

Find us in Linden Hall!




What Ramapo Students are Saying about the Center for Reading and Writing…

  • “It was really helpful, because now I know what areas to focus on to complete my essay effectively.”
  • “I was very satisfied with the help I received. My consultant showed me how to improve my paper and reading through it really helped.”
  • “Everything about this session was positive and effective. I now have a better understanding on where to start with my research paper.”
  • “I learned how to replace paragraphs in my essay, and help improve my thesis.”
  • “I got a good perspective on my topic, and I also learned more about the Chicago style of writing.”
  • “Going to the Reading and Writing Center helps give me more ideas and strategies to work with my paper.”
  • “This is a great place to release the frustration when in doubt about writing.”
  • “I know what changes I have to make, and how to make them.”


Priscilla Tovey VanAulen,
Outreach Coordinator

Phone: (201) 684-7561
Office: Linden Hall 204-A

Ramon Reyes,
Developmental Writing Specialist

Phone: (201) 684-7559
Office: Linden Hall 210-B

Susan Auger,
Reading Specialist

Phone: (201) 684-7118
Office: Linden Hall 210-A

Tom Kitchen,

Phone: (201) 684-7084
Office: Linden Hall 204-B