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Schedule an Appointment


Center for Reading and Writing

Peter P. Mercer Learning Commons | Room 420 (4th floor)

p: 201-684-7557 | Summer: 201-684-7561

To schedule an appointment, please log into Connect and go to the “My Success Network” tab.  Locate the Center for Reading and Writing.  Click on “CRW Appointments.”  Then select the day and time, and whether you want an in-person or an online session. Appointments must scheduled by 10 PM the night before the requested session.  Learn more about “What to Expect from a Session” here.

Online Appointments:

If you select an online appointment, the consultant will send you a link for a Webex meeting. Simply click on that link at the appointment time to start your session.

In-person Appointments:

If you select an in-person appointment, go to the Center for Reading and Writing on the 4th floor of the new Learning Commons, Room 420, to meet with your consultant.

PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot make an appointment, please cancel it at least an hour in advance in Connect. Click on your appointment confirmation screen, “CRW Appointment,” “Make a Change to this Appointment,” “Cancel this Appointment.”



Cancelation and No-Show Policy

Cancelation and No-Show Policy

After TWO missed appointments within a two-week period (due to a no-show or cancelation within one hour of the session), the student will receive an email warning from the CRW.

After THREE missed appointments, the student will be unable to schedule an appointment for four weeks.