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Wild Flowers in meadow CREATING A MORE SUSTAINABLE CAMPUS Ramapo Green works as an umbrella group, stitching together clubs
and organizations working to make our campus more sustainable.
Ramapo Green Logo
Ramapo College student holding bees BEEKEEPING The Ramapo College Beekeeping Club
maintains an active hive
Students holding signs for a Climate Strike by the Ramapo College Arch CLIMATE STRIKE Students at Ramapo College came out for a
Climate Strike this past year
Table with clothing for a clothing swap CLOTHING SWAP The student club, 1STEP, organized a clothing
swap as part of their Zero Waste campaign
WILDFLOWER MEADOWS One of three wildflower meadows established
on campus help promote pollinator health

Welcome to the Campus Sustainability Hub!

Since its founding in 1969, Ramapo College of New Jersey has had a clear commitment to sustainability.  As the world around us has come to realize the importance of renewable energy, pollution control, the elimination of waste and the adoption of “green practices,” we have renewed our commitment to sustainability.

With the opening of Ramapo College’s Sharp Sustainability Education Center, the approval of our Strategic Plan establishing sustainability as a fundamental principle, and the signing of Second Nature’s Climate Commitment, Ramapo College continues to dedicate itself to creating a more sustainable campus.

–Peter P. Mercer, President

From Our Blog

November 24, 2020Consider a Sustainable Approach to Gifting this Year

Read this article on The Ramapo News The holiday season: gift-giving, gift-receiving -- all in gift wrapping. Though many may not realize it, December is a time of boundless waste creation, all of which ends up in landfills to start off the new year. According to Stanford, Americans create 25% more trash during the holiday season than any other time of the year. That’s 25 million tons of garbage in just a month. All this waste is easily avoidable, too, with just a few simple changes and perhaps a few larger ones if you’re up for the cause. Less wrapping Wrapping ... Read More

October 23, 2020Ramapo Green Leads Discussion on Climate Activism

Read this article on The Ramapo News On Oct. 21, Ramapo Green hosted a climate conference called “Reaching the Turning Point: The Youth Climate Movement and Our Election.” Moderators included director of the sustainability major Dr. Ashwani Vasishth, Dr. Michael Edelstein from the environmental studies program and adjunct professor and Executive Director of ClimateMama, Harriet Shugarman. The event consisted of several different presentations with multiple speakers to discuss the different facets of environmentalism. Speakers approached the topic from all angles, but they mainly focused on the aspect of climate activism, showing Ramapo students all that is being and can be ... Read More

October 14, 2020Potter Library Takes Sustainable Initiative in Eliminating Plastic Bags

Read this Article on The Ramapo News Social distancing on campus has required many different resources to get creative with their methods of connecting with Ramapo students. Being one of the biggest assets to any student, the temporary George T. Potter Library made sure books were accessible. They promoted their new access on Instagram, with a photo of books bagged and ready for pick up. This presentation did not sit well with sustainability activists from Ramapo. Comments soon flooded in asking about the necessity of using plastic bags. Students commented that surface contact has been disproven as a major spread ... Read More

October 10, 2020SGA Sustainability Committee Event Focuses on Local Indigenous People

Read this article on The Ramapo News On Oct. 6, the Student Government Association’s Sustainability Committee hosted a conversation open to all on “Indigenous Peoples & Environmental Destruction.” Zoë Tucker-Borrut, the chair of the committee, moderated the event. The guest speaker, Owl of the Munsee Tribe, began with a meditative prayer thanking the Great Spirit for creation. He compared his beliefs with Christian and Semitic theology, and showed overlap in the physics formula E=mc2. After all, most religions agree on the world being alive with an energy or spirit beyond human comprehension. Owl showed the role this spiritual concept plays ... Read More

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