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Media Services

Media Equipment (subject to availability and staffing)

TV Cart – Television & VHS/DVD Combo player
Video Cart – Projector & VHS/DVD Combo player

Cassette Recorder – Audio Cassette Recorder
Camcorder VHS – Camcorder for VHS tape
Camcorder MiniDV – Camcorder for MiniDV tape
Camera Digital – Still digital Camera

Conference Audio- Polycom Audio conference unit
Conference Video- Polycom Video conference unit

Computer Desktop- Computer and Monitor
Computer Projector – Computer & Projector
Computer Laptop – Laptop Computer
Computer Casket

Screen – Portable Tripod Screens
Projector – Projector for Computer or Video
Projector Overhead – Standard Overhead Projector
Projector Slide – Standard 35mm projector

Player CD/Tape – Boom box CD/Cassette Player
Discussion System – For events needing more than 3 Microphones on a table
Microphone – Shure wired Microphone
Microphone Wireless – Wireless Microphone
Microphone stand- Microphone stand
Speaker Powered – Powered speaker
Speaker Stand – Speaker Stand
Sound System – Sound System for bands

110-0  110-1