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Conference Center

Trustees Pavilion / Conference Center

The one-story Trustees Pavilion has state of-the-art technology and divisible meeting space. The Pavilion is fully equipped for audio and video presentation in each room. The fully carpeted rooms can be set up in various floor plans to accommodate workshops, banquets, or plenary sessions. It is adjacent to a dining hall and ample restrooms.

As with all campus facilities, the Trustees Pavilion is barrier free.

The facility has a lobby that is appropriate for registration or refreshments. A cafeteria is located in the same facility with a seating capacity of 220. A parking lot that will accommodate 57 cars is directly adjacent to the building’s front entrance doors.

Kameron Pond, about 800 feet from the Pavilion, is ideal for breaks, tranquil quiet time, or short walks for relaxation.



Pavilion Room 1

  • Dimensions 46.1′ X 30′ (1,383 sq.ft.)
  • 81 Table and Chairs

Pavilion Room 2

  • Dimensions 46.1′ X 29 ‘ (1,359 sq.ft.)
  • 49 Chairs

Pavilion Room 3

  • Dimensions 46′ X 30.9′ (1,424 sq.ft.)
  • 81 Table and Chairs

Pavilion Rooms 1, 2 and 3 combined

  • Dimensions 46.1′ X 89.9′ (4,144 sq.ft.)
  • 300 Chairs
  • 225 Table and Chairs