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IGG Center

Ramapo College

505 Ramapo Valley Road
Mahwah, New Jersey 07430


Welcome to the Investigative Genetic Genealogy (IGG) Center at Ramapo College.

The vision of the IGG Center is to secure justice through the ethical and proficient use of investigative genetic genealogy.

The IGG Center has three missions:

  • Using IGG to resolve cases involving violent crime, unidentified human remains, and wrongful convictions
  • Training students to become proficient and ethical IGG practitioners
  • Researching the field of IGG and finding ways to expand its reach to further secure justice

The IGG Certificate Program at Ramapo College

The IGG Certificate Program at Ramapo College provides a 15-week remotely delivered program to students around the United States – and the world. Students in the IGG certificate program learn to conduct IGG proficiently and ethically from one of the top IGG practitioners in the United States. Combining live virtual meetings and intensive case studies, participating students will come away with the knowledge required to practice IGG ethically and proficiently.

For more information and to apply, click here

What is Investigative Genetic Genealogy?

IGG combines traditional genealogy and genetic genealogy to provide investigative leads in cases involving violent crime and unidentified human remains. IGG can also be used to help exonerate the wrongfully convicted.

Relying on informed consent and publicly available information, IGG begins with genetic genealogy databases that allow users to choose whether to make their DNA profiles available for IGG searching. First, a DNA profile derived from a biological sample belonging either to a perpetrator or an unidentified individual—either is referred to as the Subject—is uploaded to the databases. From those databases, IGG practitioners use statistical measures of relatedness based on amounts of shared DNA to determine likely relationships between the Subject and users in the databases. The bulk of IGG, however, relies on traditional genealogy – combing through public records to fill out the family tree belonging to the Subject in order to narrow in on that individual’s likely place in the tree.

Importantly, IGG is only an investigative lead. All leads are either confirmed or refuted with a direct comparison between the individual identified as an investigative lead and the Subject.

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