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Mission Statement

The Ramapo College Honors Program is a community of faculty and students dedicated to intellectual, creative, and moral engagement. Honors students seek excellence through continual guidance and a distinctive curriculum of critical thinking, intercultural and international understanding, experiential learning, service, and interdisciplinary studies. The end of the program is the beginning of an enriched and accomplished life.

Ramapo College of New Jersey invites incoming first-year students, current Ramapo students, and transfer students to consider admission into the College Honors Program curriculum. Completion of the program includes six courses, a project related to the student’s major, and co-curricular civic engagement. Students will also become part of an intentional learning community designed to ignite the imagination of all students at the College so that all our students become engaged in their own learning.

In the College Honors Program at Ramapo College of New Jersey, intellectual development is inseparable from one’s own growth and development as a whole human being. Students work with faculty mentors who monitor their progress as engaged learners and as contributing members of the college, the wider community and society.

Good academic standing is a consequence of the engaged values of a College Honors student, not the primary goal. Self-motivated intellectual independence from extrinsic rewards is the distinctive disposition of a College Honors student. Intellectual strengths are essential to academic engagement but intellectual strengths, by themselves, are not adequate to define the attitude of academic engagement. Consider the College Honors Program:

  • If you long for the personal experience of fulfillment that comes from encountering new ideas in dialogue with others
  • If you approach your scholarly research in a deeply personal manner
  • If you are seeking to find ways to contribute to society

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

~Mary Oliver



Dr. Rebecca Root
Director, College Honors Program


Director’s Message

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Welcome!  If you are a student with interest in the College Honors Program, we will be interviewing qualified applicants for the 2021-2022 academic year beginning December 2020. Please see the ‘Prospective Students’ page on this site for application details. Applications received on or before March 15th, 2021 will be given priority consideration for candidate interviews. If you are an interested student or faculty member with more specific questions about the College Honors Program not addressed on our website, please contact me directly.
Thank you!