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Frequently Asked Questions

How are students admitted into the program?

DSC_0550 - CopyMost students are admitted as incoming First Year students prior to their attendance at RCNJ. For information on how to apply, click here.

Admission is based on both past performance and the potential the student has for being an intellectually independent and engaged learner. Grades and scores are indicators of performance but not sufficient for admission to the program. The average SAT score for entering first year students in the College Honors Program is 1300. The application process for all students includes data regarding prior GPA or RCNJ GPA, and a writing sample – preferably a portfolio style assignment previously completed. Students currently at RCNJ are also required to submit one faculty recommendation. Transfer students must apply in time to begin the program when they still have four remaining terms and have previously been enrolled in an Honors program. Visit our applications page for specific instructions.

Can transfer students apply to the program?

Information on how to apply as a transfer student can be found on our Transfer Students page.

Is there special housing for College Honors students living on campus?

College Honors students who enter Ramapo as first-year students are housed in either Mackin or Bischoff Hall with all other Scholars. This housing is available to College Honors students whether or not the student has received a scholarship from Ramapo College.

Can I apply for College Honors after I start attending Ramapo?

Yes! If a student is already enrolled at Ramapo College, s/he will need to take five out of the six required HNRS courses. Continuing students do not need to retake the First-Year Seminar. Students currently at RCNJ are also required to submit one faculty recommendation. Continuing students must apply by January 1st of their first year in order to still be eligible to enter the program.

Is it possible to complete College Honors requirements if I am a Nursing major, Social Work major, double-major, or in a three-year professional program?

Yes! If you are student with a challenging major or courses, see the Director as soon as possible to plan a strategy for completing Program requirements.

What is required for an Honors Project in the Major?

The goal of the project is developing in students the recognition of the value of intellectual mentorship and collaboration and the experience of initiating their own research or experiential work. Students have the opportunity to critically share their work and produce work of publishable quality. Ideally, students would have been narrowing and defining their project ideas within the curriculum and mentoring of the Program, as well as integrating ideas with their major and/or minor studies. More information on the Senior Thesis Project can be found here.

What are Faculty Sponsors and Readers?

For completion of the Senior Project in the Major, one Sponsor and one Reader are required to assist in mentoring the work of each student. The Reader is selected by the Faculty Sponsor and student in consultation. Often these Readers provide competence in disciplines outside the field of the Faculty Sponsor but related to the work of the student, especially in the case of double majors or minors.  More information on the Senior Thesis Project can be found here.