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E-Symposium 2020

Welcome to the 12th Annual

Ramapo College of New Jersey

Honors Program Symposium

Friday, April 24th, 2020

Symposium Program (PDF)

Click here to View a Welcome Video from Dr. Rebecca Root, Honors Director

The Experience of Chronic Pain: An Analysis of Physical and Psychological Treatment Options and Outcomes for Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain

By: Sarah Browning

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The American iDream: How Technology is Impacting the American Dream

By: Justina Celentano


Challenging Columbus: Evolving Views of Christopher Columbus in High School History Textbooks

By: Kimberly Evans

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The Value of Migrant Agriculture Farmworkers in the U.S. Economy

By: Stephanie Jaime Guzman


Determination of Critical Micelle Concentration of Aerosol-OT in a Two-Solvent System by Fluorescence Spectroscopy

By: Alexa Hacopian

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The Causes and Effects of Brexit

By: Blaine Henn

Video Presentation

Why Locals Run: What Compels Townspeople to Run for their Local Boards of Education

By: Caleb Herbst

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Benefits on Non-Traditional Medicine in Comparison with Traditional Medicine

By: Tabitha Jaison

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Using CRISPR Technology to Upregulate EP4 Receptor Expression

By: Kaci Kopec


Pain Perception and Coping Mechanisms in Human Subjects Presenting with MC1R Variants

By: Constance Marion

Video Presentation

It’s More Than Just Milk and Cookies: The Politics Behind School Lunch

By: Madeline Martinez Fuentes

Video Presentation

RIP: A Purga-Story (A Feature Length Screenplay)

By: Deckard Montesanto


Foodster – A Mobile Web App

By: Bibhash Mulmi

Video Presentation

Bioinformatics Analysis of Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum): An Examination of GEO Datasets to Determine Which Factors Affect Growth and Yield

By: Gagan Namburi

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Technology in Accounting

By: Angelo Petillo


A Study of Ramapo Students’ Thoughts and Knowledge of US Tax Law

By: Benjamin Prill

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Story Share – An Android Application

By: Amish Regmi

Video Presentation

A Domino or Two (A Feature Screenplay)

By: Jennifer Seitis


Standardized Testing in American Education

By: Caitlin Shurminsky

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Economic and Social Benefits of LGBT-Supportive Policy in the Workplace

By: William Strauch

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Fall Risk in Oncology Patients: What Factors Contribute to its Increase?

By: Patricia Szajwaj


Voices Along the Border

By: Gabriela Ulloa

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