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Honors Scholarships


You can find information regarding Honors scholarships at the following link. Choose “any school” and “College Honors Program.”


Scholarship Name Requirements
Century 21 Study Abroad Scholarship For Minority students study abroad costs.

Selected by Director of Study Abroad & Director of the College Honors Program.

François, Martha E. Memorial Scholarship High academic achiever.
Mytelka, Jeannette Kreiger Memorial Scholarship High achieving senior with financial need who has completed three years at Ramapo.
Hiden Family College Honors Endowment Students with financial need.

Must be used for Study Abroad, tuition, or academic research.


How does studying or interning abroad fit with the Ramapo Honors Program?

Ramapo College Honors Program students are encouraged through a distinctive and diverse curriculum to pursue intercultural, international and experiential learning in their field of study. Participating in a Study Abroad program as an honors program member during your time at Ramapo College will allow you to become a global citizen.  Experiencing life in other countries and cultures, developing foreign language skills, broadening your worldview, and making lifelong friends while earning college credit are just some of the ways students benefit from their time abroad. Many students use Study Abroad to prepare for graduate school and future employment. Most importantly, students remember and value their study abroad experiences for the rest of their lives.

Students who complete 4 credits or more of study abroad may be waived from the Honors Independent Study requirement.