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4-Year Plans

Honors 4-Year Plans by Major

The Honors Program requires that all of its student complete five general education courses and one Honors Independent Study. The list below details which general education requirement each Honors course satisfies.

Honors 101: First-Year Seminar ⇒  Keystone Course: First Year Seminar
Honors 110: Social Science Seminar ⇒  Keystone Course: Social Science Seminar
Honors 201: Studies in the Arts and Humanities ⇒  Keystone Course: Studies in the Arts and Humanities
Honors 220: Global Awareness Seminar ⇒  Keystone Course: Global Awareness Seminar
Honors 325: Values and Ethics Seminar ⇒  Distribution Category: Values and Ethics Seminar
Honors 499: Honors Independent Study ⇒ 2 or 4-credits, does not count toward a general education

We have created 4-Year Plans for each major and made the requisite substitutions to give you an idea of what an Honors student’s 4-Year Plan might look like. Most of the courses can be taken any semester with a few exceptions:

  • Honors First-Year Seminar is taken in the first semester.
  • Honors Independent Studies should be taken Fall of Senior year or with rare exception, Spring of Junior year.*

*Nursing students must take all Honors courses in the first two years.

Please remember to always speak with your adviser about your Honors status and your goals to graduate with Honors! They can help you look several semesters ahead to plan accordingly, but it is important that you both have a mutual understanding of what is required of you as an Honors student.

Keep in mind that the following 4-Year Plans are just examples and are not set in stone.


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