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2017-18 Student Handbook

Spring 2018 General Meeting Agenda

Spring 2018 General Meeting PowerPoint


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Fall 2018 Course Descriptions

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Senior Thesis Project Documents

Senior Thesis FAQ

Senior Thesis Proposal Form

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Application for Graduation with College Honors

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Reference Documents

Poster Presentation Templates

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Examples of Senior Thesis Projects

The Implications of Misleading Labeling in the Food Industry – Kelsey Brentnall

Sustainable Waste Management in Bangalore, India – Sean Farrell

Solvatochromic Study of a Novel Difluorometric Probe – Aleksandar Goranov

Book-Trading Web Application – Vivek Pandey

Examples of Senior Thesis Presentations

Use of Genome Editing to Delete the SIT Gene in Osteoblasts – David Cifelli

Investigating the Role of Two CENP-A Homologs During Cell Division in the nematode c. elegans – Madeleine Maas

Examples of Conference Presentations

Technology and Income Inequality – Achyut Gautam

Stock Market Prediction Using Recent News and Events – Arjun Bastola

Income Inequality in the United States – John DiStefano

Victorian Marriage Reform – Sara Catherine Lichon

Automated Testing in Software Development – Vivek Pandey

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