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Successful completion of the Honors course curriculum requires that you earn twenty-four Honors credits* from a total of six courses. The core curriculum may be completed in as few as four semesters with maximum flexibility for academic, clinical, internship, and work needs of students. The typical path, however, is to take one or two Honors course per year.

*Current sophomores, juniors, and seniors are only required to take sixteen Honors credits including Honors 101, 220, 325, and 420.


The semester by semester College Honors Core Curriculum is set forth below.

The College Honors Core Curriculum Four Year Sequence:

HNRS 101 - Honors First Year Seminar

The Honors First Year Seminar (FYS)* provides a comprehensive introduction to Honors-level learning. Seminar courses are developed around an academic theme or topic based on the expertise of each course instructor. Together with a peer facilitator, the FYS instructors introduce students to the academic and co-curricular programming of the College Honors Program and to all-college life generally. FYS seminars emphasize critical reading, writing, and discussion and focus on intellectual engagement, experiential learning, the methodology of the discipline being studied, and social responsibility to the larger community. FYS students will also participate in the Ramapo Summer Reading Program. This course fulfills the General Education requirement for First Year Seminar.

*The Honors First Year Seminar is not required of continuing students entering the program after their first year who have already taken a First Year Seminar.

HNRS 110 - Honors Social Science Inquiry

This course, an introduction to the social science sequence of general education, familiarizes students to the wide spectrum of social science approaches, methodologies (quantitative, qualitative and combinations between the two) and subject matter.  It will use social science methods to examine major problems facing modern society on the local, national, and global levels. Using historical antecedents, it will focus on contemporary issues of inequality and the search for social justice that center on the various forms of social identities and structures of power and domination in society, including, but not limited to racism, ethnocentrism, classism, ableism, sexism, heterosexism, and transphobia. Finally, with attention to “welcoming the other,” this course facilitates understanding the experiences of marginalized peoples. This course fulfills the General Education requirement for Topics: Social Science Inquiry.

HNRS 201 - Honors Studies in Arts & Humanities

Studies in the Arts and Humanities is a 4-credit interdisciplinary liberal arts course.  It provides students with an introduction to key texts, concepts, and artifacts from different fields in the humanities.  (These could include, for instance history, literature, philosophy, music, art history, and others.)  Each section of the course covers a range of different cultures, and at least four different periods in human history, which can range from the ancient world to contemporary works.  This course is one of the Keystone General Education courses, required for all students.  It is also designated Writing Intensive, and will require students to complete at least two different types of writing assignments. This course fulfills the General Education requirement for Topics: Studies in Arts & Humanities.

HNRS 220 - Honors Global Awareness Seminar

The College Honors Global Awareness Seminar offers an opportunity for students to  focus on the international, intercultural and interdisciplinary features of culture in a  discipline interesting to them. Possible courses focus on language, business, and contemporary issues such as the concentration of global media ownership, multi-cultural media within and outside the United States, the international system of communication, alternative journalism, the impact of new technologies on industry, and global and multicultural issues in literature and the arts. Courses will include features such as guest speakers, study abroad – depending on the semester and the topic. This course fulfills the General Education requirement for Global Awareness.

HNRS 325: Honors Values & Ethics Seminar

The College Honors Ethics Seminar offers an opportunity for students to focus on the exploration and development of personal values, civic engagement, and applied ethics. Courses offered will include an opportunity for students to develop their individual moral identity based on critical analysis of personal background, readings and discussion. Texts, art and materials in a variety of media may include consideration meta-ethics, normative ethics, applied ethics, political philosophy, ethics in the professions, and ethics in art. Ethics will be considered in a social, cultural and historical context. Courses will include experiential components designed to assist students in becoming responsible members of the local and wider communities as contributing members. This course fulfills the General Education requirement for Topics: Values and Ethics.

HNRS 420: Honors Senior Seminar

The College Honors Interdisciplinary Senior Capstone Seminar offers an opportunity for students to recognize how they can use knowledge within their own disciplines to contribute in broad interdisciplinary approaches to contemporary issues. Students will also gain appreciation of the contributions made by disciplines outside their own. Courses offered will include an opportunity for students to develop graduate and professional communication and collaborative skills. Seminars will include team projects, together with seminar and individual research work. Courses will include deep experiential components designed to assist students in assessing their proposed approaches.