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Goals and Outcomes

College Honors Program Student Learning Goals & Outcomes 

College Honors Mission Statement

The Ramapo College Honors Program is a community of faculty and students dedicated to intellectual, creative and moral engagement. Honors students seek excellence through continual guidance and a distinctive curriculum of critical thinking, intercultural and international understanding, experiential learning, service, and interdisciplinary studies. The end of the program is the beginning of an enriched and accomplished life.

Honors Goal 1: Intellectual and Creative Engagement

Outcome 1: Conceive, plan and execute a professional quality academic/research or creative project from the perspective of one’s own discipline(s).

Outcome 2: Write effectively in scholarly and creative contexts.

Outcome 3: Speak effectively in scholarly and creative contexts.

Outcome 4: Develop the skills necessary to locate, evaluate, and employ information effectively.

Honors Goal 2: Moral and Community Engagement

Outcome 1: Find meaning in collaborating with others in service and civic/community engagement.

Outcome 2: Analyze ethical implications of the global distribution of power and resources.

Outcome 3: Participate in an engaged, experiential activity that connects the course to real world settings.

Honors Goal 3: Global and Cultural Awareness

Outcome 1: Critically engage with the products of culture, through interpretation or creative expression.

Outcome 2: Understand diverse communities on local, national, and/or global levels.