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Honors Advisory Board as of Fall 2022:

By-Laws amended October, 2018 (PDF)


In 1980, Ramapo College established its College Honors Program. We joined the National Collegiate Honors Council in 1982. In Spring 2008, a Task Force was appointed by Provost Beth Barnett to re-vision the curriculum and design of the College Honors program here.

In Spring 2008, a Task Force was appointed by Provost Beth Barnett to re-vision the curriculum and design of the College Honors program here. That group as constituted was: Bernard Roy, Co-Chair, Marta Vides, Co-Chair, Susan Eisner , Bernard Langer, Secretary, James Morley, Vice-Chair, Sharon Rubin, Eric Wiener.

This group worked tirelessly and intensely to provide guidance on program design. The full report of the Task Force may be found online on the Provost’s page, Provost/Faculty Resources link, at:

The curriculum from 2009-2018 was based on the recommendations of this Task Force. The curriculum was revised again beginning Fall 2018. It can be found here.


Teaching in the Curriculum

If you are interested in teaching a course in the College Honors curriculum, or mentoring students, please review the Curriculum link for courses or a role as guest lecturer that might of interest to you. Also review the Honors Project link for ideas on how to mentor students in your respective major who might be interested in completing the Honors in the Major requirement with you. If you wish to participate or have questions, email the Director for more information.


Sponsoring an Honors Senior Project

Students will complete a Senior Project in the Major mostly likely during the last two semesters of their program. The first semester includes research and preparation. The second semester includes completion of the work and presentation at the Ramapo College Honors Symposium and one outside conference whenever possible. Each student will select his/her own Faculty Sponsor who will guide the work. Most students will also complete a 2-credit or 4-credit Independent Study in conjunction with the Senior Project with the Senior Project Sponsor serving as the Independent Study advisor. The student and Sponsor will also select one additional faculty Reader whose expertise is complementary to the Project.

The parameters of every student’s project are determined between the student and their sponsor and readers. Each student works toward different goals. Students should be meeting regularly and be in constant contact regarding the goals you’ve set together for their project.


Senior Project Resources for Sponsors and Readers

Honors Senior Projects Guidelines

Senior Project Online Proposal Form (to be filled out and submitted by the student)

Senior Project Online Completion Form (to be filled out separately by the sponsor and reader upon completion of the project.)

Senior Project Archive

2021 E-Symposium

2020 E-Symposium