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At Ramapo College, student clubs and organizations are recognized as important parts of the total learning experience. Students are urged to take advantage of the many opportunities available, since not all their time is spent in class.

There are more than 100 groups including cultural, academic, religious, recreational, entertainment, political, social and special interest groups. Joining can provide students with interesting friends and give them lifelong memories of their college years.

Clubs and organizations at Ramapo College are run by students under the general supervision of the Center for Student Involvement unit. Each group operates under its own constitution, according to the interests and enthusiasm of its membership. All welcome new members, new ideas and new directions. Many groups can provide valuable experience and connections to the job market.

If students browse through this list and find their interests are not represented, they should inquire at the Center for Student Involvement about starting a new club or organization. Once the College recognizes an organization, it is eligible to receive financial support from the Student Activities Allocations Committee.

Student Government Association (SGA) Listen WRPR-FM Online

Student Clubs (College-Recognized)

A “recognized” club is one whose membership is open to all students of Ramapo College and sponsors meetings, events, and programs open to the entire College community.


** Please note:

These clubs were recognized in 2017/2018 and/or 2018/2019 but are inactive for the 2019/2020 year. If you would like more information on re-establishing any of these clubs, please email or visit the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) at SC-202.

For Club and Organization Policies and Procedures please go HERE.

For a listing of all of the Fraternity and Sorority chapters please go HERE.