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Black Student Union

Our objective as the Black Student Union is:

  • To unite all the black families of the African Diaspora under one flag: the Red, Black, & Green. This includes Africans, Latinos, Asians, and any other group relating to the Diaspora. The red represents the blood that flows through our veins, the blood that our people spilt in the fight for freedom, justice, and equality; the blood is the spirit of the people. Black represents the family or the nation. Blackness is eternal. Green represents the land. Not just Africa, but the entire planet. 
  • To maintain and promote active communication and interaction between all students, faculty and of the African Diaspora including the Organization of African Unity, Brothers Making a Difference, Ebony Women for Social Change, Haitian Organization for Progress and Empowerment, Ramapo Operation Link Up.
  • To create and maintain an environment that promotes the mission of the Black Student Union (through the use of a office or center when applicable).
  • To encourage the involvement of African Diaspora in mainstream campus activities and organizations.
  • To support the incoming students as they integrate into the campus environment. It is our responsibility as righteous & civilized people to teach the up & coming generations what they need to know so that they could add on to the BSU.
  • To continue to expand the Africana Studies Program at Ramapo College.
  • To keep communications with other BSU members on other campuses and universities.