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STEM Center at Ramapo College

The Ramapo College STEM Center is a place for staff, faculty, students and the broader community outside our campus to gather and build community around Science and Mathematics.  Events, workshops, and services are for everyone to enjoy.  Whether you are seeking peer tutoring for your TAS classes or would like to use the Center to study with your friends, all anyone has to do is just walk-in.  TAS students, this is your space!

Tutoring Schedule and STEM Center appointments

  • Connect
    • One-stop shopping for students seeking tutoring services
    • Students can schedule appointments or walk-in
    • Instructions for scheduling STEM Center appointments in Connect
  • Tutoring Website
    • All TAS tutoring Schedules are continuously updated

Workshops Offered by STEM Center

  • Math Workshops by Prof. Roseanne Discepolo
  • Writing Lab Reports
  • Scope of my Career – exploring careers in the STEM disciplines
  • Intro to Grad School for STEM
  • Applying to Grad School for STEM
  • Professionalism in the STEM workplace

STEM Center Staff

Sandra Suarez, Ph.D.
Director – STEM Center & Programs
Upward Bound Math Science and McNair Scholars Program
Office: G-131a
telephone:(201) 684-7774

Christine Valenti
Tutoring Coordinator – STEM Center
Office: G-131
telephone:(201) 684-7345