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Welcome to Ramapo College

Welcome to Ramapo College! The spring semester is about to get underway and the campus will be again bustling with activity. We are looking forward to Winter Arching/Winter Welcome Week beginning January 20. Graduating students are excited to begin their final coursework and will be preparing for Commencement just a few months away. This year, we will again celebrate our undergraduates and graduate students in separate ceremonies. Others will be participating in community service projects, including Alternative Spring Break travel to Costa Rica and North Carolina to help our neighbors in need. As our athletics teams head into the home stretch of the winter season, we wish them continued success.

Also, the College’s 50th Anniversary celebration will continue with special events and activities. Good news all around. Looking forward to the warmer weather and all the activity the semester promises!

Ramapo Ramapo Spotlight Spotlight

Ramapo Spotlight
Ramapo Success Story

Mehnaz Ladha

"Ramapo College and its community have supported me tirelessly these past four years, pushing me to where I am today. I’ve had the opportunity to assume leadership positions in multiple organizations, collaborate with faculty and network with professionals. This past summer, I studied abroad in Greece where I learned about the role of the Mediterranean Diet throughout Greek history in terms of...
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Ramapo Success Story

Clifton E. Shambry Jr.

“I am a proud Ramapo alumnus of Ramapo College as I have had the opportunity to develop great relationships and experiences with my peers, faculty, staff and administration cultivate my interests and professional pursuits. Being the first in my family to graduate with any degree is a huge testament to the support that I received from Ramapo, aiding me in moving forward to graduate studies, conducting...
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Ramapo Success Story

Achyut Gautam

"Ramapo is a coming together of cultures, and it strives continuously to make smooth the cultural transition for international students. Semester-long events are centered on the interests of international students, but there is also involvement of other student body organizations. This interaction has helped me and other students coming from different cultural background to acclimate quickly to the...
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