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Winter Arching Welcomes 286 New Roadrunners

On January 21, 2019, Ramapo College staff and families of our newest Roadrunners braved the cold to cheer on our new students as they processed up Mansion Road through the Arch.

Welcome to Ramapo College

Welcome to Ramapo College! As we near the midway point of the 2019 spring semester, there is much to look forward to. Many Ramapo students are packing for their Alternative Spring Break trips, which include destinations in Massachusetts, North Carolina, New York and Costa Rica. Students will work with Habitat for Humanity, learn about sustainable living and global poverty, and work with endangered animal sanctuaries on these trips sponsored through the Civic and Community Engagement Center. The College’s winter athletic teams are heading into the stretch and we wish them continued success. We look forward to celebrating our students and showing appreciation for the donors who support them at the Annual Scholarship Dinner in April.

Ramapo Ramapo Spotlight Spotlight

Ramapo Spotlight
Ramapo Success Story

Clifton E. Shambry Jr.

“I am a proud Ramapo alumnus of Ramapo College as I have had the opportunity to develop great relationships and experiences with my peers, faculty, staff and administration cultivate my interests and professional pursuits. Being the first in my family to graduate with any degree is a huge testament to the support that I received from Ramapo, aiding me in moving forward to graduate studies, conducting... READ MORE >

Ramapo Success Story

David Francis-Vaughan

“The quote ‘Your mind can only take you as far as your eyes can see, whether it's fantasy or reality’ is a quote that I wrote for myself a long time ago before I started college. I always looked at college as just another stepping stone, something that I needed to just get a degree. A few weeks into my first semester I realized that I could use this experience for much more. I realized I could... READ MORE >

Ramapo Success Story

Malavika Sundararajan

"Being at Ramapo College has been a joyous journey, given the amazingly supportive and unselfish colleagues who want you to succeed in every endeavor. This has made it incredibly easy to be there for students from every perspective and to provide them with well-designed, relevant and applicable knowledge on a daily basis. It has only been three years since I joined Ramapo and already I have had the... READ MORE >

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