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The College is celebrating its 50th Anniversary and has been highlighting its history and people of Ramapo throughout the years, from the founders in 1969 to today’s students, faculty, staff and supporters. Visit for more information and to view historical photos.

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Ramapo Spotlight
Ramapo Success Story

Clifton E. Shambry Jr.

“I am a proud Ramapo alumnus of Ramapo College as I have had the opportunity to develop great relationships and experiences with my peers, faculty, staff and administration cultivate my interests and professional pursuits. Being the first in my family to graduate with any degree is a huge testament to the support that I received from Ramapo, aiding me in moving forward to graduate studies, conducting...
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Ramapo Success Story

Jennifer Finaldi

"I have been working at Stryker Orthopaedics since I graduated from Ramapo with my undergraduate degree in 2009. Stryker is a very dynamic company and offers plenty of internal mobility to employees. I have had the great opportunity to work in various departments including compliance, information technology and medical education. I loved doing my undergraduate studies at Ramapo. The small classroom...
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Ramapo Success Story

David Francis-Vaughan

“The quote ‘Your mind can only take you as far as your eyes can see, whether it's fantasy or reality’ is a quote that I wrote for myself a long time ago before I started college. I always looked at college as just another stepping stone, something that I needed to just get a degree. A few weeks into my first semester I realized that I could use this experience for much more. I realized I could...
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