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Required Documents

This site has been developed to include information and forms for groups sponsoring camps and programs at Ramapo College. Below you will find links to important policies and procedures which have been developed to ensure the health and safety of all participants.

Also listed is a section of forms which need to be submitted to the Office of Events and Conferences or Residence Life in order for your camp to receive necessary support services.

As always, if there are any questions about this information or details concerning your program, please contact Events and Conferences at (201) 684-7590 for day programs, or Residence Life at (201) 684-7029 for residential programs.

Program Director’s Paperwork

Alert Me Now Information Sheet (PDF)
Checklist for Summer Programs Meeting (PDF)
General Fire Safety Checklist (PDF)
Preliminary Guarantee Form Multiple Session Camp (PDF)
Preliminary Guarantee Form Single Session Camp (PDF)
Request for Summer Programs (PDF)
Guest Wireless Internet Account Request Form (PDF)


Alert Me Now Information (PDF)
Berrie Center Information Sheet (PDF)
Dining Services Guarantee (PDF)
Guest Wireless Form (PDF)

State Compliance Documents

Web Site Home Page
Frequently Asked Questions
List of licensed Youth Camps in New Jersey (updated each spring)

Critical Policies and Procedures

Aquatics Guide (PDF)
Environmental Health and Safety Guidelines (PDF)
Environmental Health and Safety / Fire Safety (PDF)
Insurance Requirement (PDF)
Lab Standard Safe Practices (PDF)
Policies and Procedures (PDF)

Supplemental Information for Program Directors

Summer Presentation (PDF)
Campus Map (PDF)
Directions to Ramapo College (PDF)

Important Notice

Lyme Disease (PDF)