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The Friends of Ramapo sponsor educational and cultural events for members and the community at large. Friends help sponsor the Summer Concert Series, which brings thousands of people to campus on summer evenings. We also host a variety of events through the academic year. Please join us!

Friends of Ramapo Information


Course Audit Registration


Ramapo College Foundation Performing Arts Series

The Performing Arts Dinner Series committee invites you to join them for four wonderful evenings with friends. Come and enjoy a delicious gourmet dinner, first class entertainment, and an opportunity to provide scholarships and to help the students of Ramapo College enhance their educational experience. Please view details of the performances here:


The Angelica and Russ Berrie Center for Performing and Visual Arts

You are invited to view the Berrie Center Calendar of events at the following link:

Please mention that you are a Friends of Ramapo member when ordering or purchasing tickets to see if an event is eligible for a member discount.


More Friends of Ramapo PLUS Benefits!

1. Friends PLUS members are now eligible to audit THREE (3) undergraduate courses:

  • In addition to the opportunity to audit one course each in the Fall and Spring semesters the program has been extended to include one Summer course per person.

2. Members may now audit Online courses, as part or all of the three courses, subject to availability.

3. Only ONE (1) seat needs to be available in the course to register!

Please note:

  • All books and course fees are the individual’s responsibility.
  • Ask for and obtain a waiver from the professor for any pre-requisites prior to registration and bring this documentation with you to registration (if applicable.)
  • No transcript is maintained.
  • Certain courses may be excluded.