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PNP Process and Application

Capital Campaign

Igniting Our Passion: Priority Needs Proposals


Ramapo College has developed a strong reputation, and is poised to engage with citizens of our state and beyond.  The steps to approach this next level require us, as a community, to ignite our passion and imagine and create new or redesigned centers, programs, projects, and initiatives that result in resources for the College.

As part of the College’s 2021-2022 Strategic Planning Process, the Priority Needs Proposal (PNP) process was initiated to empower the Ramapo community to develop centers or programs to advance our understanding of issues that affect the lives of citizens in the 21st century, and widen and deepen the reputation of our institution.

The PNP process, informed by The Future Series, aims to identify priority needs and to secure resources for the centers, programs, projects and initiatives that are developed.  Once established, the centers, programs, projects and initiatives will be positioned to attract resource streams to continue, and potentially build, activities that advance the mission for Ramapo students and communities beyond the College.

Participating in the PNP process provides an all-hands-on deck opportunity for Units/Schools to collaborate within and across disciplines and departments to assess needs and produce proposals.  The process seeks to insure participation by all sectors of the College.

Listed below are the PNPs currently being incubated: