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Outreach & Engagement Core (OEC)



Welcome to the Outreach & Engagement Core (OEC) at Ramapo College of New Jersey. Our core focuses on ensuring alignment between our institutional promises we make in marketing and recruitment and delivering those promises throughout the student experience.

Ultimately, the Outreach & Engagement Core focuses on our institutional Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) plan which guides Ramapo in recruiting, retaining and graduating an academically prepared, diverse student body of lifelong learners. Towards that goal, Outreach & Engagement Core will:

  • Develop and establish enrollment projections and goals that align with the mission, vision and goals established in the Ramapo College Strategic Plan;
  • Foster student learning and development by providing a recommended sequence of courses and engaging students in their own academic plans;
  • Work collaboratively with all offices on campus to ensure that policies, programs and procedures support enrollment goals;
  • Provide an environment that is supportive of student goals and responsive to students’ needs

I encourage you to explore our website, learn more about the offices that are part of the Outreach & Engagement Core and learn more about what Ramapo, the smallest state College in New Jersey, has to offer.

Outreach & Engagement Core (OEC) fosters an environment for highly engaged, inclusive and individualized student experiences which provide students opportunities to be empowered for academic achievement, connected to the campus, practice responsible citizenship and graduate prepared for success in their future endeavors.

Our leadership is proactive, collaborative, innovative and empowering. We recognize that leadership is most effective through action, not position.  We have high expectations for each other and value offering a high quality student experience which reinforces what we promise students when they enroll at Ramapo.  To deliver on our promise, we utilize best practices based on professional association competencies and standards in delivering our services.  OEC enhances students’ experiences through partnerships with campus individuals and offices.

  1. Campus Climate:
    Facilitate a safe, supportive, inclusive and healthy living and learning environment for students.
  2. Student Engagement:
    Offer services and implement programs that provide students with the opportunity to be active academically, socially, personally and civically engaged members of the community.
  3. Diversity:
    Design strategies and implement activities to increase the recruitment, retention and graduation of under-represented students.
  4. Technology:
    Innovatively utilize technology to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  5. Brand:
    Promote the Ramapo Brand to raise awareness, support strategic goals, and enhance overall student experience. Ramapo Brand Attributes include:

    • Faculty who teach and mentor
    • Hands on learning
    • Individualized attention and small class size
    • Career development and preparation for the future
    • Value

Proposed Student Learning Objectives for the Student Experience as Delivered by EMSA:

  • Student learning objective 1:  Students apply curricular and/or co-curricular knowledge and skills to real-world settings.  (Goal Connection:  Student Engagement)
  • Student learning objective 2:  Students reflect upon their interactions with individuals from other backgrounds to deepen understanding of diversity and inclusivity. (Goal Connection: Diversity)
  • Student learning objective 3:  Students interact meaningfully and establish faculty, staff and peer mentors. (Goal connection:  Student Engagement, Campus Climate)
  • Student learning objective 4:  Students demonstrate a strong connection to the Ramapo campus. (Goal connection:  Student Engagement, Campus Climate, Diversity)
  • Student learning objective 5:  Students demonstrate leadership skills (Goal connection:  Student Engagement)
  • Student learning objective 6:  Students actively engage as responsible citizens of the Ramapo campus (Goal connection:  Student Engagement, Campus Climate)
  • Student learning objective 7:  Students engage in local, national, and global issues (Goal Connection:  Student Engagement, Diversity)
  • Student learning objective 8:  Students demonstrate self-care, self-management and wellness skills. (Goal Connection: Campus Climate)


Christopher Romano
Vice President of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs
Phone: (201) 684-7309
Office: M221

Ellen Saranovic
Executive Secretarial Assistant
Phone: (201) 684-7309
Office: M220A

Heather Woodbridge
Enrollment Management Specialist
Phone: (201) 684-7395
Office: M220B

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