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Foundation Grant Application

Applicant Information

Please list all grants received within the past three years. For each, indicate year received, project title, and summarize results.

Project Information

Names of other Faculty/Staff Members involved in this project:

If yes, enter the number of students directly involved (e.g. for a research project or conference presentation) or the number who will be affected (e.g. for a lecture, workshop or performance).
Summarize the goal, activities, and projected outcomes or significance of the project. Briefly state how the proposed project impacts the College.
Issue the project will address.
Overall intent of the project or question it will answer.
Describe the steps that will be taken to implement the project. Include a timeline if applicable.
The specific, measurable outcomes that the project will achieve.
Please review the College Strategic Plan and Value Statements:

Strategic Plan:
Value Statement:

Project Cost Breakdown

Itemize all projected expenses. Format: $__, explanation of cost.
Include funds committed for this project from your Unit or other sources, and projected fees to be collected or charged.

Supporting Documents

Attach one-page letter of recommendation from a colleague who can present a strong case for your project. The letter should not be from an officer of the College. Proposals will not be considered without a letter of recommendation.

Maximum file size: 102.4MB

If funding is requested for conference travel, please attach a copy of the brochure or flyer for the conference here.

Maximum file size: 102.4MB

The information included in this application is true to the best of my knowledge and will adhere to the use of the funds as awarded.