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Recent Awards


Members of the Ramapo community successfully compete for more than $3 million each year in grants from Federal, State and private sources to support activities that benefit the College.

Meet some of the successful applicants.

Recent Awards

Ramapo College Foundation Grant Allocations 2022-2023
Fall Awardee Project Amount
Amanda Beecher Center for Data, Mathematical, and Computational Sciences Lecture Series $1,300
Satarupa Dasgupta A Speaker Series on Minority Women in Leadership Roles in the Health Sciences Industry $260
Anne Marie Flatekval Implementation of a Mindfulness Bundle and its Impact on Perceived Stress Levels for Junior Students in Their First Semester in the Nursing Sequence $935
David Gurney Using Targeted DNA Testing to Increase IGG Solve Rates for Hispanic Does $5,540
Cathy Hajo Investigating Data Visualizations at the Jane Addams Papers Project $2,000
Zach Layton Artificial Intelligence Opera Project $2,000
Kat McGee Focus Groups – Interpersonal and Sexual Violence (2022-2023) $2,000
Cynthia Michalewski First-Generation Mentoring Program at Ramapo College of NJ with GlobalMindED $2,000