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Leadership Directory

The Student Leadership Directory is a listing of various positions and opportunities for undergraduate students to gain leadership experience on campus. Some are open to any student who is interested while others may have limited availability. To apply for specific positions or jobs, please visit HANDSHAKE or directly contact the supervisors listed in the descriptions below. For more information about how to get involved on campus, please visit the Center for Student Involvement’s website, stop by the office in SC-202 of the Student Center, or call the office at 201-684-7593.

Academic Student Leadership Position

Anisfield School of Business

Dean’s Student Advisory Council

The Dean’s Student Advisory Council is composed of ASB students who have written an essay expressing why they wish to join the council and give ASB students a voice. The Council meets with the Dean twice each semester to discuss areas of interest and concern to business students, typically on Thursdays from 1:00 – 2:00 PM. Students must be declared business majors in good academic standing, willing to devote time and energy to helping improve the overall learning experience of fellow students. We look for students representing all of the business majors and concentrations across all four years of study.

Phone: (201)684-6653

Volunteer Positions/ Organizations

Center for Student Success

Peer Facilitator

Peer facilitators help our first year and transfer students make a successful transition from high school to college. Applicants should be comfortable leading class discussions in the First-Year Seminar Course and open to giving and receiving mentoring.

Tracey Bender, Senior Assistant Director of Student Success & Testing

Contact: Center for Student Success

Center for Student Involvement

Women’s Center Volunteers

The Women’s Center offers opportunities to volunteers year round. Whether it is button-making, tabling for an event, or just putting up posters, we appreciate the students who come out to give us a hand.

Contact: Alex Woods

Global Roadrunners – Study Abroad Peer Mentor Program

Study Abroad Peer Mentor

The Global Roadrunner Program is designed to engage returned study abroad students in the development and strengthening of a study abroad “culture” at Ramapo College of New Jersey. It is very exciting for a prospective participant to hear about study abroad from a peer’s perspective. Participation in this volunteer activity allows students to gain leadership experience, event planning skills, exposure to public speaking as well as a great resume builder.

Global Roadrunners assist the Study Abroad Advisor with classroom presentations, information tables, and other events throughout the year. Global Roadrunners plan their own events and meet with potential study abroad students in a peer advisor capacity. The time commitment depends on the individual and what they can fit into their schedule.  Any returning RCNJ study abroad student in good academic standing is eligible to become a Global Roadrunner. The Roukema Center for International Education is looking specifically for students who are passionate about their study abroad experience as well as international education as a whole. Each student must submit a completed Global Roadrunner application and resume. Those selected will then proceed to the interview phase where final students will be chosen.

Roukema Center for International Education
Phone: (201)684-7533
Location: ASB 123

Office of Student Conduct

College Judicial Review Board Volunteers

The College Judicial Review Board presides over student misconduct cases when the accused student may be suspended or expelled from the College. The Board is comprised of faculty, staff, and student volunteers with each cases comprising of five members. An administrator from the Office of Student Conduct serves as the Board Advisor. Board members play an active role in listening to all testimony and evidence presented, and they have an opportunity to question all witnesses in order to gain a better understanding of the issues related to the allegation(s). If members of the College Judicial Review Board decide, through deliberation, that the student(s) is responsible for the allegation(s), they then determine an appropriate sanction. Board members receive training, support, and guidance from the Office of Student Conduct staff. Students, who serve on the Board, must have earned at least 28 credits, maintain a cumulative 2.5 GPA, and be in good social standing with the College.

Contact: Kathleen Hallissey
Phone: (201)684-7869

Ramapo Admissions Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors

The mission of the Ramapo Admissions Student Ambassadors Program is to act as official representatives of Ramapo College at all special events hosted by the College throughout the course of an academic year. The Ramapo Admissions Student Ambassadors is not a student club on campus, and is strictly a volunteer organization with mandatory attendance at events throughout the year. They represent diverse backgrounds and academic disciplines and strive to embody school spirit and represent the College and its history, programs, services and facilities in the most informational and enlightening ways possible. All eligible students must be good Academic and Social Standing and have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and Full Time Student Status. Students interested should have community service and leadership experience; public speaking experience and positive personality is important as well.

Jose Vallejo, Admissions
Phone: (201) 684-7308
Location: McBride House

Center for Health and Counseling Services

Wellness is Now Peer Educators

Wellness is Now Peer Educators are students who are specifically trained to educate their peers about safe and healthy choices in relation to physical health, mental health, and alcohol use. The Health Awareness Team Peer Educators will implement this process through presentations, programming, and tabling at various events on campus.

Contact: Megan Johnston
Phone: (201)684-7185
Location: E-201

Office of Residence Life

All Residence Life student staff members are expected to maintain the highest academic, social, and judicial standards. They rotate responsibilities for office hours and nighttime duty. An extensive hiring process is conducted each spring, and each fall as needed.

Contact: Residence Life

Residence Hall Association (RHA) – Leadership Opportunities

The Resident Hall Association is a student run organization that acts as the voice for the residents of Ramapo College. RHA leaders strategize campus wide events for the residential population to participate in and enjoy their experience at Ramapo College. Positions that are available include President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Public Relations and Advertisement Chair, Liaison, and National Communications Coordinator.

Residence Hall Council (RHC) – Leadership Opportunities

In addition to the RHA each Hall/Area on campus has a Residence Hall Council commonly known as RHC. Each RHC has an executive board of elected students that reside in that specific hall/area and plan events and programs for their hall/area. The positions available for the RHC are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Public Relations and Advertisement Chair, and Floor Representatives.

Training/ Classes/ Certifications


Student Government Association

Student Government Association

There are plenty of ways to get involved in Ramapo’s Student Government Association. Running for a Senate position is a great way to start off the year and being a part of the senate means you get to vote on all sorts of campus changes in policies, events, programs, etc. and be the voice between the students and the faculty of Ramapo. If finance is in your future, maybe the SGA Treasurer is the position for you with control over the budgets and allocating of internal funds. If you are all about keeping organized and taking good notes, the Secretary is the position for you in recording meeting minutes and keeping track of organizational documents. Full year elections are held every April, but anytime is a good time to become a member of SGA. Look out in the Daily Digest for announcements in position openings!

Contact: Shannon Decicco
Location: SC-223

Student Governor

Student Governor is a two year position. The first year the student fills the role of Alternate Student Governor which includes shadowing the current Student Governor. After the first year, the Alternate becomes the official Student Governor and becomes a voting member of Ramapo’s Board of Governors and a member of the Alumni Executive board. Both the Alternate and the Governor are also associate members of Student Government’s Cabinet. Attending fundraising and alumni events are a large part of the position as well as assisting with the Senior Legacy Fund which encourages students from the graduating class to give back to Ramapo. Interviews are held in the spring semester. Candidates must have two full years left at Ramapo in order to be able to fulfill this position. It is never too early to start looking into a position like this.

Shannon Decicco
Location: SC-223

Student Trustee

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the college, making pivotal decisions involving tuition prices, capital improvements, and curriculum changes. Each year one Ramapo student has the opportunity to serve on it. Becoming the Student Trustee is one of the most influential positions an undergraduate can attain, because the Board depends on this student’s unique perspective on pressing issues concerning the whole school. It is a two year position: the first year is completed as the Alternate Student Trustee, participating in all Board meetings and events while learning proper procedures; the second year is carried out as the Student Trustee, casting votes like any other full Board member. Those who are passionate about preserving higher education at Ramapo College, possess the confidence to work with high level College administrators, and are interested in gaining an invaluable lesson in leadership should apply.

Location: SC-223

Campus-Wide Committees

College Programming Board

College Programming Board (CPB)

The mission of the College Programming Board (CPB) is to provide fun, free, on-campus events for the Ramapo community to enjoy. We supply a variety of activities and performances to cater to Ramapo’s diverse campus. We are students planning for students.
Involvement with CPB can range from 2-12 hours, depending on your position. The structure of the College Programming Board consists of a 9 person executive board. There are then 15-20 students who serve on one of the following committees: On campus programming, Tuesday Night Live Series, Music, Publicity and Culture programming. In addition to the e-board and committee members, there will be a group of students who serve as the CPB Street Team who are focused on advertising CPB events. Students who would like to apply for any of these positions are invited to fill out an application which can be found on Archway.

Contact: Amanda Riehl, advisor

Contact: Jack Nesmith, advisor

Contact: CPB

On-Campus Employment with a Leadership Focus

Cahill Career Development Center

Peer Career Advisors

Peer Career Advisors are the first point of contact for students seeking career-related services and provide early-stage advisement on a peer-to-peer level. They support the professional staff by helping students identify where they are in the career development process and find new avenues for exploration. Peer Career Advisors bring student experiences to the Cahill Center and conduct student outreach through event programming in residence halls, classes, and at club/organization meetings. They are trained in aspects of advising to promote successful job and internship search strategies, introduce students to various online tools and resources, help students access the career library, and conduct resume/cover letter reviews. Peer Career Advisors are knowledgeable about all services offered by the Cahill Center, and promote opportunities at Ramapo to gain self-knowledge, understand and practice life/career decisions, and apply classroom experiences to real-world settings.

Contact: Cynthia Michalewski
Phone: (201)684-7780
Location: C-209

Center for Student Success and First-Year Experience

Student Employees

The Center for Student Success accepts applications for student employees each Spring for the following year. Two different job opportunities are available. Students can apply as a student worker in the office responsible mainly for helping with the intake for academic advisement or they can apply to be an Orientation Leader during the summer. We are looking for students with enthusiasm, strong customer relation skills, related experience, and willingness to work hard and develop new skills. Please look for these applications to be open in March.

Contact: Meghan Gregory, First-Year Experience Coordinator
Phone: (201)684-7517

Center for Student Involvement

Student Employees

The Center for Student Involvement looks for enthusiastic, organized and motivated student leaders to assist in the mission of providing excellent co-curricular experiences for our students. Positions are available in all areas of CSI including; Building Managers, Civic and Community Engagement Center, Fraternity and Sorority Life, J. Lee’s, Main Office, Roadrunner Central, Student Activities Revenue Management, Women’s Center, and more! Applications are available each Spring semester, but opportunities for employment may arise during the year.

Contact: Eddie Seavers
Location: Center for Student Involvement, SC-200

Commuter Affairs

Approximately 3,000 students commute to and from Ramapo College, making commuters one of the largest groups of students on campus and an essential part of Ramapo’s family. Commuter Affairs is committed to academically and socially connecting commuter students to the Ramapo College Community by providing services and programs that will identify and meet the needs of our commuter student population.

Contact: Jack Nesmith
Location: Center for Student Involvement, SC-202D

Contact: Commuter Affairs
Location: Center for Student Involvement, SC-200

Dining Services

Dining Services: Student Program Coordinator (SPC)

The Student Promotion Coordinator (SPC) supports the on-site campus dining team in the process of developing and implementing dining promotions, using their input at every stage of the process to inform and inspire creative ideas, and guide the implementation of the resulting promotion campaigns. In this role, the SPC interacts with internal team members; creative agencies (if applicable); media and public relations personnel; client stakeholders and customers in the formulation of a promotional plan of action. This person will have a high level of customer contact and must be comfortable assuming a leadership position during the actual promotional events. The SPC requires strong presentation skills; excellent verbal and written communication skills; strong organizational skills; and dynamic leadership abilities. The position reports directly to an assigned Dining Department Supervisor.

Student applications can be obtained by visiting our office Ramapo College Dining Office – Located between the Birch Tree Inn and Atrium. Part-time and full-time applications may also be obtained by visiting our office Ramapo College Dining Office- Ramapo Student Center. Please apply in person.

Intercollegiate Athletics

Building Manager

Building Managers are individuals who have shown dedication to the Department of Athletics and a desire to grow with us. These positions are directly responsible for all activity in the Bill Bradley Center during their shifts, including but not limited to, the second floor fitness area, the dance rooms, computer room, climbing wall, two gymnasiums, game room, pool and the lounge areas. In this position, they are to know of all uses available for the facility. Conflict resolution and emergency response are critical for this position.

Contact: D.J. Pinton

Office of Residence Life

Resident Assistants / Community Assistants

Resident Assistants (RA) and Community Assistants (CA) are the first point of contact for students living in traditional residence halls and apartment complexes, respectably. RAs and CAs are live-in student-staff members who, while promoting a welcoming and diverse atmosphere, also plan, organize, and implement programming events within the halls and throughout the campus. RAs and CAs receive rigorous training in the areas of conflict mediation, confrontation, wellness, tolerance/diversity, campus resource guidance and referral, and much more. RAs/CAs also commit leadership to Residence Life committee projects.

To apply for a RA/CA position, please go to the bottom of the page where it states,
“Community Assistant and Resident Assistant Job Applications”:

Senior Resident Assistants

Senior Resident Assistants (SRA) share many of the same responsibilities as RAs and CAs. SRAs are charged with more office hours and responsibilities, which consist mostly of assisting their Resident Director. These areas of responsibility may differ, depending on the area, but can include overseeing programming, maintaining records for facilities upkeep, and maintaining lounge reservations. SRAs are provided with more extensive training then RAs and CAs and are encouraged to initiate projects that will be professionally stimulating.

Assistant Residence Directors

Assistant Residence Directors (ARD) maintain an administrative role in larger-population areas. Much like the SRAs, an ARD’s responsibilities will vary depending on area. These responsibilities may include maintaining facility and inventory records, overseeing space reservations, and other daily operations tasks. ARDs are also provided with more extensive training than RAs and CAs and are encouraged to initiate projects that will be professional stimulating. They also work under the Resident Directors.

Office of Specialized Services

OSS Academic Peer Coaching Program

This program is designed to support incoming Ramapo students affiliated with OSS and the U.S. Department of Education TRIO grant in their first year matriculated year at Ramapo College. Continuing students’ with a minimum of 24 credits, 3.0 or better GPA and strong communication skills can apply to be an OSS Academic Peer Coach. Coaches participate in training prior to the beginning of the fall semester and throughout the year on disability awareness and coaching techniques for time management and study skills. The OSS students agree to work individually with a coach for an hour a week during the first semester and the second semester by request. Coaches will attend bi-weekly group meetings and maintain reports on individual participant progress with the OSS Coaching Program Coordinator.

Contact: Sonia Doyle