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SAIL: Sophomores Advancing In Leadership

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About Us

Sophomores Advancing In Leadership (SAIL) is a Leadership Certificate program specifically designed to help sophomores discover their full leadership potential as they explore their second year at Ramapo. Sophomores will gain leadership experience by attending monthly SAIL seminars, participating in community events, and giving back through community service. Sophomores will have the opportunity to network with established leaders on campus and develop their own leadership credentials.

Participants who successfully complete the SAIL program will be recognized at an end of the year leadership reception. They will receive an official SAIL Certificate and an honor cord which may be worn upon graduation at the commencement ceremony.

The Sophomores Advancing In Leadership (SAIL) Program is advised by Jack Nesmith, Coordinator Of Student Activities. Contact Jack at:

SAIL Class of 2024

SAIL Class of 2023
SAIL Class of 2022

SAIL Class of 2021

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Participants selected for SAIL can expect to:

  • Develop their core leadership philosophy and learn how to apply it effectively
  • Gain essential leadership skills for communication, conflict management, and collaboration
  • Facilitate and strengthen connections among people with diverse identities
  • Build skills for impacting positive change in their communities

Applications are available annually early in the fall semester. All sophomores seeking to develop their leadership skills are welcome to apply. Up to 30 sophomores will be selected to participate annually. To request to be notified when applications are made available please contact the Student Leadership Programs’ email: