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Student Relief Fund Application

The Student Relief Fund is a campus-wide initiative, established in collaboration with the Civic and Community Engagement Center and the Office of Equity and Diversity Programs. Students, staff, faculty, alumni, and administrators serve on the College’s Student Relief Fund Committee. The Fund was established to assist currently enrolled students who are facing issues of food insecurity and emergencies.

In order to be considered for assistance, please submit this application. By submitting this application, you are granting professional staff members permission to review financial aid, academic and judicial standing.

To be eligible for funding, students must be currently enrolled and in good academic and judicial standing. Please be aware that completion of this application does not guarantee financial assistance.

Grants can only be awarded once in a twelve-month period.

Student Relief Fund Application
What is your current mailing address? *
What is your current mailing address?
Is your request COVID-19 related? *
Please be as descriptive as possible and provide specific expenses if applicable