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The SGA passes legislation for one of several reasons, including:

  1. To organize initiatives with the mission of advancing student interests
  2. To acknowledge and take action on college-wide and global issues
  3. To codify SGA support
  4. To establish or edit SGA policies/procedures

Life of a Bill:
A bill is first proposed by any member of the SGA and developed outside of any formal meeting. Once complete, the Bill is introduced to the SGA Senate by a sitting Senator at a public meeting, where it is discussed and brought to a vote. A majority vote of the Senate is required to approve a Bill. In order for a Senate-approved Bill to become valid, it must be signed by the SGA President. The President can veto a Bill within a given time frame, after which the Senate can override the veto via two-thirds vote.

Passed Legislation

Senate Bill 2023-01 Fall 2023 Senate Election Legislation

Senate Bill 2023-02: Narcan
Passed: 9-0-2

Senate Bill 2023-03: Unsolicited Presenter
Passed: 11-0-4

Senate Bill 2023-04: Counseling Services Accessibility
Passed: 12-0-4

Senate Bill 2023-05: Solidarity with Israeli and Palestinian Civilians REVISIONS
Passed: 9-0-5

Senate Bill 2023-06: Bottle Deposit
Passes: 13-0-1



Proposed Legislation

Do you have feedback/questions/concerns about proposed legislation? Please email Include in the subject line: “Feedback Regarding Senate Bill 2023-x (insert title here)