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What does SGA do for the Student Body?

We aim to improve student life and serve in the best interest of the student body through representation, leadership, and unity. We work with the Board of Trustees, Administration, Faculty and Staff of the College.

How do I join SGA?

Come to General Meetings or stop by the SGA office SC-223 to learn more. You can reach us through email:

When and where are SGA General Meetings held?

General Meeting are held weekly on Wednesday from 1–3 p.m. Check our homepage for the meeting locations.

What events does SGA sponsor?

Oktoberfest, Founders’ Day, Run with Color basketball tailgates and extended library hours. We’ve co-sponsored events such as the Spring Concert, Midnight Madness, Relay for Life and Run with Color. We also host the Freshman Leadership Conference and help out at freshman move in. We are always open to co-sponsor events with other clubs or organizations.

How can I get SGA to co-sponsor an event with my club?

Please send an email to the Senate Vice President with a brief explanation of your event. With their approval, you will then be invited to a Senate Meeting to present your proposal. Senate meetings are held weekly on Monday at 9:45 p.m. in ASB-522.

If I have a question, concern or suggestion about Ramapo, what should I do?

Join us during our General Meeting! They are held every Wednesday from 1–3 p.m. During the “Open Forum” portion of the meeting, the floor is open to anyone in the audience who would like to voice their concerns. We encourage you to join us! You can also reach us through email:

How do I run for Spring Elections?

To run for a position during spring elections, stop by the SGA office SC-223 during the first week of March to pick up a petition. Once you’ve obtained the required amount of signatures, return the petition to the SGA office SC-223 before the deadline. Be sure to attend the General Meetings to know of upcoming dates and deadlines.

How do I vote in the Spring Elections?

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