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Getting Involved


Join the Delegate Program!

The Delegate Program is a leadership development program coordinated by the SGA via the Secretary of Delegate Affairs. Delegates are mentored by current members of the SGA, participate in events & activities hosted by the SGA, act as another channel for student concerns to reach the SGA, and participate in bi-weekly leadership & professional development workshops. Delegates are able to “dip their toes in the water” and learn what it means to be in SGA before running for an elected or appointed position. Any questions? Please email

Apply to the Delegate Program!

Join an SGA Committee!

All students at Ramapo College are able and encouraged to join an SGA Committee. These committees work to advance various specialized initiatives and are chaired by a member of the SGA. If you are passionate or just have an interest in a particular issue on campus, these Committees are a great place to work on resolving those issues. Committees meet at the discretion of their respective Committee Chairs. See Committee descriptions below. Please email to join a Committee!

Academic Affairs Committee

Chaired by the Secretary of Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee is a solutions-based council that acts as an engine of growth for the College’s academic side. Here, they will tackle issues surrounding education, student life, and the enhancement of Ramapo’s degree value.

CA$H Committee


Co-Chaired by the Student Trustee and the Alternate Student Trustee

The College Advocates Supporting Higher Education (CA$H) Committee raises awareness about pertinent higher education issues. These issues include but are not limited to inclusiveness, accessibility, and affordability. As a committee, they discuss how to raise awareness for Higher Education Awareness Week.

Club Process & Allocations Committee

Chaired by the Vice President

**Membership limited to SGA members & club/organization leaders**

The Club Process & Allocations Committee works with students who want to start new clubs on campus. The Committee reviews the proposed constitution and Archway application of the club after the Vice President has instructed them on how to start a new club. The Committee also allocates funds to clubs & organizations for specific events.

Commuter Affairs Committee

Chaired by the Secretary of Commuter Affairs

The Commuter Affairs Committee focuses on integrating commuter students into campus life. The purpose of this committee is to provide a voice on campus for the 3,000+ students who commute to campus. Despite equaling roughly half the student population, commuters are one of the most under-represented groups on campus. The Committee aims to change policies to make them more commuter-friendly by integrating the commuter perspective into the governance of the College.

Delegate Affairs Committee

Chaired by the Secretary of Delegate Affairs

The Delegate Affairs Committee acts as a steering committee for the Delegate Program. The Committee focuses on outreach & promotion and coming up with ways for Delegates to improve their own leadership skills. The Delegate Program strengthens the bond between students interested in leadership and the SGA. This Committee is comprised of Delegates and SGA members who serve as mentors.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Chaired by the Secretary of Diversity and Inclusion

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is responsible for any diversity issues brought to the SGA. The Committee focuses on diversity programming, provides feedback to EDIC on policies & procedures related to inclusion and equity, and works with the multicultural and religious organizations on campus to make sure that student needs are met. All multicultural and religious organizations are encouraged to have a representative on the Committee.

Fraternity & Sorority Life Committee

Chaired by the Secretary of Fraternity & Sorority Life

The Fraternity and Soroity Life Committee is deidctated to moving Greek Life at Ramapo in a positive direction. This commitee will be moving foward intiatives discussed during meetings and other intiatives by OFSL.

Governmental Affairs Committee

Chaired by the Secretary of Governmental Affairs

The Governmental Affairs Committee is focused on maintaining contact with other public colleges and universities across the Tri-State Area (NJ-PA-NY). The Committee is responsible for recieving and reporting out the requested information from each institution. This committee also focuses on presenting and discussing policy issues and how to best go about issues present and urgent.

Philanthropy Committee

Co-Chaired by the Student Governor and the Alternate Student Governor

The Philanthropy Committee is dedicated to encouraging student and alumni philanthropic efforts. They work with the Ramapo College Foundation Board of Governors as well as the Friends of Ramapo to benefit the Foundation. The Committee plans fundraising events throughout the year to raise funds for student scholarships.

Programming and Public Relations Committee

Co-Chaired by the Secretary of Programming and the Secretary of Public Relations

The Programming and Public Relations Committee assists the Secretaries of Programming and Public Relations in their roles. They program advocacy events for the Student Government, help improve recurring events, come up with ideas for new events, and volunteer at them all. These events are for the entire student body to enjoy. The Committee also dedicates its time to ensuring the SGA presence is known throughout campus through social media, posters, and other mediums. They actively table and effectively advertise events. As a committee, they show that the SGA is here to help everyone on campus.

Sustainability Committee

Chaired by the Secretary of Sustainability

The Sustainability Committee is dedicated to establishing the consciously sustainable culture that Ramapo College declares in its Mission Statement. The Committee acknowledges the triple bottom line of ecological, social, and economic sustainability, as being central to our view of the world. The Committee is responsible for promoting student engagement, connecting clubs, creating interest groups, developing sustainability leadership, and discussing sustainability topics on and off campus, such as climate change, divestment, promotion of renewable energy, systemic discrimination, public health, the circular economy, and waste management. All sustainable organizations are encouraged to have a representative on the Committee.

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