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What is ARC?

A: The Academic Review Committee is the standing committee of the Faculty Assembly. We consider and review issues of academic policy and curriculum and make recommendations to the Faculty Assembly. ARC also handles academic requests such as proposals for course title changes, and new courses and programs.

How do I propose a new course?

A: Work with your convening group to develop a syllabus, then work with your ARC representative to complete the proposal request package, which consists of: 1. Course Proposal Request Form; 2. Syllabus Checklist; 3. Syllabus. Full details may be found in the Academic and Curricular Guidelines Manual.

What should I do if I want to modify an existing course?

A: All changes need to be submitted to your School Curriculum Committee, Dean, and ARC. The final approval is granted by the Provost. Additional approvals might be required (Graduate Council, Study Abroad Committee, WAC committee, etc.)

  • For all submissions to ARC: please use the appropriate course form (New Course request or Course Revision), obtain all signatures, and include the syllabus and syllabus checklist. Refer to ARC manual for details of syllabus requirements. The complete package should be submitted to your Unit ARC representative, both in hard copy and electronically.

How do I request that a course be placed in the General Education program?

A: Complete a course request package for the course. Be sure to explain on the syllabus the rationale for inclusion in the category you are requesting. (Note: Fall 2014 – ARC is not accepting requests to add/remove courses from the current Gen Ed program, in anticipation of the GE program revisions.)

How do I change the requirements of a major?

A: Conveners may change the requirements of a major by submitting a Program Proposal Request form to ARC.

How do I propose a new major?

A: Proposing a new major is a significant undertaking which requires approval by the Provost, Faculty Assembly and by the State of New Jersey. Please consult your ARC representative before you begin the process. (You might also discuss with the ARC Chair and / or the Vice Provost for Curriculum and Assessment.)

How do I propose a new minor?

A: A minor for a major which already exists at the college is generally easier than a brand new minor, because it does not necessarily require state approval. Minors for existing majors do not need state approval, but do require ARC and Faculty Assembly approval. In either case, consult your ARC representative and the Vice Provost before you begin.

What programs need to go to ARC?

A: Any request for a new program or modification of an existing program should be submitted to the Committee. In some cases, ARC will simply pass the information to the appropriate parties. In others, the Faculty Assembly may need to vote on the proposal (see below).