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Recorded Trainings

If you were unable to attend a workshop, or want to review, you can watch any recorded workshop at your convenience. The recordings below are from IDC workshops that focus on instructional technologies that can be used in either face-to-face, hybrid or online courses.

2023 Fall Workshops

Maximize Accessibility and Inclusion with Canvas

Watch Recording –  password: JhvbFHb6

Canvas Gradebook and Speedgrader

Watch Recording (Part I) – password: dPkER6c3
Watch Recording (Part II) – password: GmqqnTA7

Gamify the Classroom with Kahoot!

Watch Recording – password: qFJ2kK36

Using Turnitin to Prevent Plagiarism (and Maybe AI)

Watch Recording – password: nRU5JEzV

Creating AI-Resistant and AI-Assisted Assignments

Watch Recording – password: mHmFpRN3

Getting Started with Canvas

Watch Recording – password: pEXBUx8Q

Canvas and YuJa Introductions

Session 1: Canvas Basics: Overview, Navigation, Settings, and Modules

Session 2: Canvas Assignments, Speedgrader, and Gradebook

Session 3: YuJa Lecture Capture and Screencast

Watch Recording – password: fJYqZFr8

2023 Spring Workshops

Workshop 1: Student Engagement
Tuesday, February 21
Faculty Co-Presenter: Fariba Nosrati (ASB)
Watch Recording #1
Review Transcript #1

Research has demonstrated that engaging students in the learning process increases their attention and focus and motivates them to engage in higher-level critical thinking. This workshop provides participants with numerous strategies that can be used to encourage student engagement in the classroom. Topics covered include: Gamification, Peer feedback, Collaborative/team-based learning, Interactive learning activities, UDL (universal design for learning) and Creative/personalized assignments.

Workshop 2: Collaboration & Communication Strategies
Monday, March 6, 2023
Faculty Co-Presenter: Colleen Martinez (SSHS)
Watch Recording #2
Review Transcript #2

Collaboration is a high engagement teaching and learning best practice and is also a necessary skill for college success and career readiness. This session leverages collaborative teaching strategies to improve student learning, integrate effective teamwork in the classroom, and to prepare students for the workplace. Covered topics include how to create collaborative environments in both asynchronous and synchronous settings as well as how to build interactive communities in online classrooms. Additional topics: • Successful group project strategies • Forming community in the online classroom • Inter-professional communications among students • Tools like Flip and whiteboards

Workshop 3: Beyond the Lecture: Bringing Content to Life
Thursday, March 23, 2023
Faculty Co-Presenter: Karl Johnson (HGS)
Watch Recording #3
Review Transcript #3

Teachers require an instructional design strategy to make content “stickier” and more memorable for students. In this workshop, we go beyond the lecture and demonstrate methods and techniques to bring your content to life and make it memorable. Practice hands-on visual content creation, review multiple modes to deliver your content, and learn how to successfully flip your classroom.

Workshop 4: Assessments and Addressing Skills Gaps
Thursday, April 6, 2023
Faculty Co-Presenter: Kaneez Odgers (TAS)
Watch Recording #4
Review Transcript #4

You’ve spent a lot of time developing your content and creating the perfect course, but how do you know it was effective? In this workshop, we cover how to create valuable assessments and how to address skill gaps amongst your students. Find answers to the question, “What do I want my students to be able to do?” We spend time reviewing feedback opportunities and consistency. We also touch upon how to address AI and other digital tools, and we look at the attributes of Canvas prerequisites and TurnItIn.

Workshop 5: New Tools & Techniques
Wednesday, April 12
Faculty Co-Presenter: Zach Layton (CA)
Watch Recording #5
Review Transcript #5

There are so many cool new tech tools out there, but which ones are right for your content? In this workshop, we have best practice demonstrations showing how faculty are using what’s in their toolbox. This “show and tell” is sure to inspire and give you the creative boost you need to enhance your own content.   • Toolbox show-and-tell   • TLTR presentations

2022 Canvas Camp

Session 1: Canvas Basics: Overview, Navigation, Settings, and Modules

Session 2: Canvas Assignments, Speedgrader, and Gradebook

Session 3: Beyond the Modules: Enhancing Your Canvas Course for Student Engagement and Mobility

Session 4: Introduction to New Quizzes (replacing Quizzes in Summer 2024)

Watch Recording – password: qD32HnxB

2022 Faculty Teach & Share Conference

Conference Theme: Navigating the Ever-Changing Classroom Landscape

The Ramapo College FRC and IDC are co-sponsoring the 3rd Annual Faculty Teach & Share Conference. We will collectively share what we have learned this year as we experienced yet another version of the teaching environment. We will share best practices, create a space for dialogue and discuss relevant issues in effective teaching and learning.

DAY 1 – May 16, 2022

Creative Use of Breakout Rooms to Maximize Student Online Engagement
Presenter: Colleen Martinez, (SSHS)
Watch Recording – password: rRpVk5R9
DURATION: 0:30:42

Precarious Pedagogy – Teaching Critical Pedagogy as Anti-CRT Movements Attempt to Shape Education
Presenter: Sharon Leathers (SSHS)
Watch Recording – password: bPNJ7ERD
DURATION: 0:28:48

A Unique Approach to Learning in Teams
Presenter: Nikhil Varma (ASB)
Watch Recording – password: GsZmGrD2
DURATION: 0:31:19

Creating Safe Environments for Delicate Topics
Presenter: Malavika Sundararajan (ASB)
Watch Recording – password: uEZmtwQ8
DURATION: 0:27:44

DAY 2 – May 17, 2022

Make Grading Fairer, Faster, and More Transparent with Gradescope
Presenter: Debbie Yuster (TAS)
Watch Recording – password: PpSGAFf2
DURATION: 0:29:24

Writing Reflections for Meta-Cognitive Thinking
Presenter: Brendan Flanagan (HGS)
Watch Recording – password: wEnsFfR3
DURATION: 0:30:08

Use of Gaming Applications in the Classroom
Presenter: Anne Marie Flatekval (TAS)
Watch Recording – password: mMfs3SJp
DURATION: 0:30:42


Excel: Introduction to Pivot Tables
This workshop will introduce you to the Excel Pivot Table feature for analyzing worksheet data. Analyzing data can help you in decision making. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, especially when you have a lot of data. Pivot Tables help to summarize, analyze, explore, and present your data. They are highly flexible and can be quickly adjusted depending on how you need to display your results.

Presenter: Ray Fallon
Date: 4/21/22
DURATION: 0:22:08
Watch Recording, password: PaMTJTA7

Excel Basics
This workshop will introduce you to the basics of the Excel workbook and its spreadsheets. Learn to input basic data elements, perform simple functions in your spreadsheet, and save your workbook for future use.

Presenter: Ray Fallon
Date: 4/14/22
DURATION: 0:10:25
Watch Recording, password: kVmW6KpN


Getting Started with Qualtrics Online Surveys
Create your Qualtrics account and get an overview of Qualtrics so you can begin your first survey. Learn about the available question types, survey options, methods of distributing your survey, and viewing survey reports.

Presenter: Trish Williams
Date: 11/18/21
DURATION: 0:58:15
Watch Recording, Password: jCp5KmfX

Qualtrics Online Survey Reports
This workshop will focus on how to set up reports in Qualtrics for your online surveys. We will review report options, how to create new reports, customize report graphs and tables, filter reports based on survey questions and answers, review Qualtrics Public Report options, download report options, and how to export raw survey data out of Qualtrics.

Presenter: Trish Williams
Date: 4/7/22
DURATION: 0:49:05
Watch Recording, password: KiBxz33F

Optimize It! Course Navigation and Layout in Canvas

See metrics about how students have been using Canvas at Ramapo. Learn to streamline Canvas course navigation and layout for ease of use and improve student engagement. We’ll cover several usability best practices and how to initiate a continual mode of feedback and improvement for your course.

Presenter: Deb, O’Connell
Date: 3/24/22
DURATION: 0:42:10
Watch Recording  – select “Ramapo College Single-Sign-On” and login with your Ramapo user name and password

The Paperless Campus

Cut down on paper use by taking up a few of these practices in Canvas.

  • Use the Syllabus feature – an easy reference for students, no paper needed.
  • Upload files that were previously handouts (create PDFs). Files can be easily added to Modules.
  • Make use of Quizzes – no more paper/pencil quizzes, all quizzing can be completed online. Questions can be shuffled and answer choices, too. Multiple attempts can be enabled.
  • Assignments – can be turned in and graded through Canvas. PDFs can be uploaded and submitted by students and you’re able to add feedback to the files.
  • Library and OER Resources — learn how to find and integrate online resources, such as permalinks to library databases, links to the library catalog and e-resources, and links to Open Access materials and OER (Open Educational Resources).

Presenter: Deb, O’Connell, Ray Fallon, Hilary Westgate
Date: 3/3/22
DURATION: 0:48:32
Watch Recording, Password: vEHtfpH6

How To Set Up A Turnitin Assignment in Canvas

Turnitin Feedback Studio is an excellent resource for combating plagiarism. It is also thoroughly compatible with Canvas. This workshop will guide instructors on how to establish Turnitin assignments within Canvas, and demonstrate the benefits of using these powerful instructional tools.

Presenter: Ray Fallon
Date: 2/24/22
DURATION: 0:22:50
Watch Recording, Password: VbX3bPdn

Canvas Mobile: Maximize Your Course for the Student App

Surveys in higher education show that more than 65 percent of students use mobile apps to complete their coursework. Learn how to optimize your Canvas course for mobile delivery. Covered material will include using text headers within Modules to help guide student navigation, chunking content into smaller parts, using Pages to display content instead of linking to external URLs or files, and following guidelines for platform neutral prompts and instructions.

Presenter: Deb O’Connell
Date: 2/17/22
DURATION: 0:46:50
Watch Recording, Password: QeYmEu3K

YuJa - Faculty Development Day

YuJa enables instructors to create high quality and engaging instructional videos for any course.

YuJa Part 1: Overview and Embedding in Canvas
This session will provide an overview of the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform, recording screencast videos, navigating in the Media Library and embedding content into Canvas.

YuJa Part 2: Video Editor and Captioning
This session will cover navigating within the non-destructive video editor for content creators to edit and create professional and polished media content.

YuJa Part 3: Quizzes, Usage and Analytics
This session will cover creating quizzes within your YuJa videos with multiple question types, navigating the gradebook and accessing detailed reports and information about audience engagement.

Presenter: YuJa Trainer
Date: 2/9/22
To watch the recordings: login to Canvas > navigate to any course > click the YuJa link in your course navigation > once YuJa launches navigate to Shared Folders > Shared – All Instructors.

Google Calendar Tips and Tricks

Google calendar allows you to manage a paperless calendar from campus or from home. Learn how to schedule Webex Meetings from Google Calendar, invite guests to meetings, create new calendars, review calendar privacy and sharing options, manage work tasks, and track key personnel events related to reappointment and assessment. Calendars can be turned on/off as needed, and colors can be customized.

Presenter: Trish Williams
Date: 2/10/22
DURATION: 1:00:47
Watch Recording, Password: sJU7zEAh

Tools for the Virtual Work Environment

This workshop will provide a brief introduction to several technologies available at Ramapo that allow you to function seamlessly in the remote work environment. Share files and collaborate on text documents, spreadsheets and slide presentations with Google Workspace. Share and track office work schedules or project timelines with Google calendars. Join or host Webex virtual meetings that allow screen sharing, and more. Create threaded discussion topics for teams of people with Webex Teams. Dial and answer calls remotely and check voicemail with Jabber, as if you were on your office phone. Create instructional and informational videos that you can easily share from a link.

Presenter: Trish Williams
Date: 2/3/22
DURATION: 1:00:47
Watch Recording, Password: 3mT34hrm


Schedule and Conduct Virtual Meetings with Webex
In this workshop, you will learn how to schedule Webex meetings and invite guests. We will review best practices, how to use chat, webcam, and share your computer screen. Hosts will learn how to manage attendees, presenters, and co-hosts; as well as share recordings and download attendance reports. This workshop is recommended for anyone new to Webex and those who want a refresher on the basics.

Presenter: Trish Williams
Date: 1/27/22
DURATION: 1:01:53
Watch Recording, Password: xXAgpj2P

Date: 2/1/22
DURATION: 0:56:23
Watch Recording, Password: xEfcW7hk

What’s New In Webex – Faculty Development Day
This session will highlight some of the new features recently introduced into Webex, along with an overview and best practices.

Presenter: Gwynn Shepherd
Date: 10/20/21
DURATION: 0:33:46
Watch Recording – password: eVbr5Am3cs6

Webex Meetings: Breakout Sessions
Webex Meetings allows groups of participants to meet in breakout sessions. This workshop will review the methods for enabling breakout sessions, creating breakout rooms, as well as options for assigning participants to breakout sessions in Webex Meetings.

Presenter: Salina Neuhaus
Date: 9/16/21
DURATION: 0:40:23
Watch Recording – password: Ramapo2021
Please Note: from 16:45-25:20 there is silence when folks are in the breakout sessions, but the workshop continues after 25:20.

Creating Assignments and Using the Gradebook in Canvas

Canvas enables instructors to present assignments, view submitted student work, and provide feedback. This workshop covers how to create a new Assignment, set due dates and other criteria, and use the Canvas grading and gradebook systems. Common questions and trouble-shooting will be covered as well.

Presenter: Deb O’Connell
Date: 1/25/22
DURATION: 0:57:16
Watch Recording, Password: 3kXmQzJE

Getting Started with Canvas

Review the basics of using Canvas for your course, including Modules, Pages, Discussions, and navigation. This course is recommended for new faculty and those who want a refresher on the basics of Canvas.

Presenter: Deb O’Connell
Date: 1/20/22
DURATION: 0:56:10
Watch Recording, Password: qPpS7x3W

Overview of Google Workspace for Collaborating

Google Workspace (formerly called G Suite) is more than just Gmail. It’s a Web-based suite of applications that make collaborating easy. This workshop will provide an overview of the applications included in Google Workspace, and how to share files with others for collaborating. Apps include Drive, Docs, Slides, Forms, Jamboard, and more.

Presenter: Trish Williams
Date: 11/4/21
DURATION: 01:00:00
Watch Recording, Password: pESEGHE2

Cybersecurity Awareness

Cyber crime has become a multi-billion dollar industry and many cyber crimes can be avoided by following safe computing practices. Learn valuable techniques to help protect your data, identity and avoid online fraud. Topics covered include:

  • Password best practices
  • Identifying fraudulent emails
  • Safe web browsing
  • Social media safety
  • Virus protection
  • Backing up your data

Presenter: Trish Williams
Date: 10/25/21
DURATION: 0:40:32
Watch Recording, Password: Sid446d3

Introduction to Instructional Design - Faculty Development Day

The instructional design process consists of  determining the needs of the learners, defining the end goals and objectives of instruction, designing and planning assessment tasks, and designing teaching and learning activities to ensure the quality of instruction. This workshop will cover how to incorporate instructional design into your course design and delivery while boosting student engagement.

Presenters: Michael Bitz and Deb O’Connell
Date: 10/20/21
DURATION: 0:56:00
Watch Recording – password: DcSegp8X

Advanced Canvas Tips and Tricks - Faculty Development Day

This workshop will introduce a number of advanced tips and tricks for Canvas users. The workshop will cover some lesser-known features related to the Gradebook, Assignments, Pages, and more. These handy tools will help all Canvas users–new and experienced–to harness the power of Canvas beyond the basic functions.

Presenter: Michael Bitz
Date: 10/20/21
DURATION: 0:56:56
Watch Recording – password: JaP858RU

Canvas Refresher: Assignments and Quizzes

Canvas is a powerful tool for delivering course assignments and assessments. This workshop focuses on how to use the Assignment and Quiz tools, provide feedback, and organize grades. Participants will view examples from a Canvas course and explore a range of feedback options. This workshop also introduces how to set the details of a Quiz, add a variety of questions, and make accommodations for students working with OSS.

Presenter: Michael Bitz
Date: 9/23/21
DURATION: 01:01:35
Watch Recording – password: 364Cr63B

Introduction to Apple's Pages

This Apple User Group workshop will get you started using Pages, a word processing application made by Apple for the Mac. Learn how to format text, insert images and media, and export documents to Word and PDF formats. Templates will also be covered. Apple’s Pages is a free alternative to Microsoft Word for Mac, iPad and iPhone.

Presenter: Peter Puleio
Date: 9/17/21
DURATION: 01:03:25
Watch Recording – password: 6Sxgmu6v

Canvas Refresher: Modules and Pages

Canvas courses are structured on Modules and Pages as the modes for delivering content, assignments, and more. This workshop focuses on how to use Modules and Pages to structure a course. Participants will view examples from a current course and explore the different ways in which Modules and Pages can be used to successfully manage a course through Canvas.

Presenter: Michael Bitz
Date: 9/9/21
DURATION: 0:56:50
Watch Recording – password: fJQmvJZ7

New Technologies for Creative Assignments and Learning Activities

This workshop introduces new technology tools that can help transform assignments and learning activities into dynamic, creative, and exploratory experiences. Participants will explore some of the latest instructional technologies for writing, collaborating, presenting, and polling. Recommended for all faculty.

Presenter: Michael Bitz
Date: 8/25/21
DURATION: 0:51:56
Watch Recording – password: Qih9wss8

Preparing for the 21st Century Classroom

Teaching in the 21st century requires flexibility, creativity, and innovation to help students learn content and become critical thinkers. This workshop explores new trends and models for the modern classroom by examining research and exploring examples from around the world. Recommended for all faculty.

Presenter: Michael Bitz and Tammi Redd
Date: 8/25/21
DURATION: 0:56:58
Watch Recording – password: CuWyJMA4

Canvas Refresher and Best Practices

Review the basics of using Canvas for your course, including Modules, Assignments, Pages, Discussions, Quizzes, and Importing Content. Consider best practices for delivering clear instructions and organizing your course in a logical way. Recommended for new faculty and those who want a refresher on the basics of Canvas.

Presenter: Michael Bitz
Date: 8/24/21
DURATION: 0:56:06
Watch Recording – password: tBjeAnB5

Webex Meetings Refresher and Best Practices

Review the basics of Webex Meetings and demonstrate its tools, including chat, screenshare, recording, and scheduling meetings. Consider best practices for conducting a smooth class or meeting and avoiding common pitfalls. Recommended for new faculty and those who want a refresher on the basics of Webex.

Presenter: Trish Williams
Date: 8/24/21
DURATION: 0:51:33
Watch Recording, password: nPj4riJc
Tutorial: Google Calendar/Webex Integration: First-Time Setup/Authorization & How to Schedule a Meeting

Webex Room Kit Demo

Webex Room Kits enable instructors to bridge students in a physical classroom with students attending remotely. This workshop introduces how to schedule a class, set up the Room Kit, and interact with in-person and remote students. Recommended for faculty who plan to use a Webex Room Kit in the Fall.

Presenter: Trish Williams (IDC) and Helen Grey (Media Center)
Date: 8/24/21 & 8/25/21
DURATION: 0:53:07
Watch Recording, password: YdBkCJ9k (8/24/21)
Watch Recording, password:  ZxVQbGg5 (8/25/21)
Handout: Webex Room Kit Classroom Guide
Tutorial: Google Calendar/Webex Integration: First-Time Setup/Authorization & How to Schedule a Meeting

2021 Faculty Teach & Share Conference

Conference Theme: Moving Forward Together in a Rapidly Changing Academic Environment: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Challenges

We will collectively share what we have learned about remote and hybrid/blended (in-person and remote) teaching and learning due to the impact of COVID-19 on teaching this past year. We will discuss what worked, what challenges we faced, how we negotiated our work-life balance, and how we can adapt to the teaching environment we will encounter this coming year. We will share best practices on how to retain the digital teaching enhancements derived during the pandemic while at the same time learning how to re-negotiate in-person/on-campus spaces for both our students and ourselves.

DAY 1 – May 24, 2021

What, Why, and How to Implement a Flipped Classroom Method
Presenter: Joy de los Reyes (ASB)
Watch Recording – password: SmXfQpC7
DURATION: 0:29:20

Mapping as Pedagogy: Using StoryMaps in the Classroom
Presenter: Sarah Koenig (SHGS) Slides | Links for Getting Started
Watch Recording – password: kCyMKVG3
DURATION: 0:30:52

Iterations for Durable Academic Writing: Collaborative, Accessible Approaches to Writing-Intensive Coursework
Presenter: Bradley Philbert (SHGS)
Watch Recording – password: uXn6TtVf
DURATION: 0:29:41

Librarians Supporting Faculty and Students
Presenters: Christina Connor (Potter Library) and Hilary Westgate (Potter Library)
Watch Recording – password: PuvJtJP3
DURATION: 0:28:14

The Pen is Mightier than the Keyboard
Presenter: Debbie Yuster (TAS)
Watch Recording – password: KgvhyNd4
DURATION: 0:28:29

Challenges of a Hybrid Course: How do we accommodate in-person and remote students at the same time?
Presenter: Fariba Nosrati (ASB) Slides
Watch Recording – password: 9Tdzbnhm
DURATION: 0:29:47

Hybrid and Hyflex Roundtable Discussion
Presenter: Tammi Redd (FRC), Michael Bitz (IDC)
Watch Recording – password: vQQtjJq3
DURATION: 0:30:52

An Inside Look at Fulbright Opportunities for Faculty
Presenter: Benjamin Levy (Roukema Center) SlidesRamapo – Fulbright Scholar Table
Watch Recording – password: gBc9Ut2x
DURATION: 0:27:13

DAY 2 – May 25, 2021

Nag-Free Strategies to Get your Students on Camera
Presenter: Colleen Martinez (SSHS) Slides
Watch Recording – password: HpWwMBq4
DURATION: 0:27:18

Teaching Practice Skills in a Virtual Classroom
Presenter: Dolly Sacristan (SSHS)
Watch Recording – password: 7Mp3yxZc
DURATION: 0:18:18

Raising Voices: Digital Audio for Class Engagement
Presenter: Brendan Flanagan (FYS) Slides
Watch Recording – password: iB4GWMzN
DURATION: 0:31:06

Roadrunner Collegiate Recovery and Faculty: The Fusion Begins!
Presenter: Corliss Rosenkranz (Center for Health and Counseling Services) Slides
Watch Recording – password: HmGJJ42u
DURATION: 0:31:49

Collaborating with Google Docs, Drive and Slides

Google Docs, Drive and Slides are part of the G Suite of applications included with Gmail. This workshop will focus on the Google Docs text editor, where you will get hands-on experience creating, and editing a document with others. Google Slides will also be demonstrated for creating and sharing slideshow presentations. Learn how to find and manage Docs and Slides on your Google Drive. Learn how to upload and share files and folders to your Google Drive with others at Ramapo.

Presenter: Trish Williams
Date: 4/15/21
DURATION: 0:56:01
Watch Recording – password: 96vPrbJP

Get Up and Running with Webex Meetings

This session will cover Webex Meetings and will include a review of meeting basics. such as how to schedule, join, and functions within a meeting.  It will address best practices, and tips for educators and will highlight new features capabilities. Webex meetings can be used to teach synchronous class sessions, as well as other virtual meetings.

Presenter: Salina Neuhaus
Date: 3/18/21
DURATION: 0:54:56
Watch Recording – password: Ramapo0321

Tech Tools and Resources for Creative Assignments

Enabling students to synthesize the content in creative ways helps them to stay engaged in the course and further the depth of their understanding. Topics include storyboarding, digital narratives, infographics, flowcharts, and mapping. These are free, web-based tools that can be aligned with practically any course content.

Presenter: Michael Bitz
Date: 3/11/21
DURATION: 0:54:14
Watch Recording – password: 8QzGUMRg

Faculty Present a Canvas and Virtual Learning Showcase

Ramapo faculty members share their dynamic Canvas course sites and innovative approaches to virtual learning. Each faculty member will present for 30 minutes on their Canvas techniques and ideas for helping students stay engaged, connected, and organized in the virtual learning environment. Register for this session and use the same link to attend any of the 30 minute presentations. This event is part of Faculty Development Day and is sponsored by the Instructional Design Center.

Date: 2/24/21


Fariba Nosrati
Watch Video – password: yKHgmES7

Joost Monen
Watch Video – password: NpbyhM5E

Sharon Leathers
Watch Video –  password: TzAkSbr5

Michael Bitz
Watch Video – password: 7JgQmP4

Ben Neill
Watch Video – password: cTFcuCk3

Jeremy Teigen
Watch Video – password: JmzvZY7P

Schedule Webex Meetings Using Google Calendar

Learn how to schedule your meetings and invite guests from Google calendar. We will also review how to access and share recordings, and view attendance reports from, as well as best practices.

Presenter: Trish Williams

Date: 2/18/21
DURATION: 0:52:51
Watch Video – password: wPABDwM7

Facilitating Group Projects in a Virtual Environment

One of the most difficult aspects of the virtual learning environment is facilitating group assignments and projects. This workshop presents strategies for both synchronous and asynchronous platforms leading to successful and positive group work. Along with pedagogical considerations, the workshop covers technologies such as breakout rooms, discussion forums, peer review, and participation tracking.

Presenter: Michael Bitz

Date: 2/11/21
DURATION: 0:54:13
Watch Video – password: 64aPYWP9
Group Project Resources Handout – login with your Ramapo Gmail account

Exploring Open Educational Resources (OER) in Canvas Commons

This workshop will provide an overview of Canvas Commons and Open Educational Resources (OER) and how you can implement them in your courses to reduce the cost of course materials. We will focus on the Canvas LMS Commons, which is a repository that includes OER course materials that can be easily imported into your Canvas courses as entire courses, modules, assignments, quizzes and other learning objects. Learn how to access the Canvas Commons to search for materials and import them into your Canvas courses, and learn how to upload and share your own materials if you choose (optional!). Co-sponsored by the FRC, Potter Library, and IDC in partnership with the OER Task Force.

Presenters: Sam Wittenberg, Hilary Westgate, and Michael Bitz

Date: 11/10/20
DURATION: 0:47:45
Watch Video – password: vB4ZcJpn
OER at Ramapo Lib Guide

Set Up A Turnitin Assignment in Canvas

Turnitin is an excellent resource for combating plagiarism. It is also thoroughly compatible with Canvas. This workshop will guide instructors on how to establish Turnitin assignments within Canvas, and demonstrate the benefits of using these powerful instructional tools.

Presenter: Michael Bitz

Date: 09/20/23
DURATION: 0:55:18
Watch Video – password: nRU5JEzV

Webex/Canvas Integration Features

This session will review the functionality of the Webex integration available from your Canvas course. Options available to instructors include Webex Meetings, Webex Teams, and Office Hours through Webex.

Presenter: Salina Neuhaus

Date: 10/21/20
DURATION: 0:46:00
Watch Recording – password: Ramapo2020

Webex Events

This session will review how to schedule a Webex event, functionality in the event, host privileges and attendee privileges. Events are used for larger scale, auditorium style events where you want to limit how the attendees participate. Come learn about Webex Events so you are ready to run your next event!

Presenter: Salina Neuhaus

Date: 10/21/20
DURATION: 0:27:00
Watch Recording – password: Ramapo2020

Webex Teams

This session will review the functionality of WebEx Teams and it’s best practices. Webex Teams is a collaborative, persistent environment organized into Spaces and Teams. Teams allows for both asynchronous and synchronous features. Teams allows chat discussion, sharing of files, whiteboards, links, launch Webex Meetings, and more. Unlike Webex Meetings which end after the meeting end time, Teams are always available for people to work in. Teams can be used for classes (entire class or small group work), committees, units or other groups.

Presenter: Salina Neuhaus

Date: 10/21/20
DURATION: 0:35:00
Watch Recording – password: Ramapo2020

Creating Quizzes in Canvas

Instructors can create quizzes, midterms, and final exams through Canvas. This workshop introduces how to set the details of a quiz, add a variety of questions, and make accommodations for students with OSS accommodations.

Presenter: Michael Bitz

Date: 9/22/20
DURATION: 0:55:55
Watch Video – password: pQEtFGY5

Poll Everywhere, Flipgrid, and other Exciting Technologies for the Virtual Classroom

This workshop presents some of the latest technologies to help increase student engagement in a virtual classroom. Participants will practice using free, web-based tools that can be incorporated into courses as activities, assignments, and reflections. The workshop will also demonstrate how to embed or link these tools into Canvas.

Presenter: Michael Bitz

Date: 9/15/20
DURATION: 0:53:13
Watch Video – password: xXfCXMz5

Get Up and Running in Canvas in One Hour

Learn the basics of using Canvas for your course, such as navigating the platform, uploading files, adding website links, and embedding multimedia elements onto your course page. An introduction to the quiz and gradebook functions will also be provided. This course is highly recommended for all faculty.

Presenter: Michael Bitz

Date: 9/8/20
DURATION: 1:06:34
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Proctoring Exams with Respondus

Respondus is a proctoring system integrated into Canvas for the purpose of proctoring online exams. This workshop introduces how to use Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor, tips for success, and pitfalls to avoid.

Presenter: Julie Fitzgerald
Date: 8/27/20
DURATION: 0:48:26
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Creating Canvas Assignments with Dynamic Tools and Resources

Canvas enables instructors to create engaging assignments with third-party applications that integrate with the Canvas LMS. This workshop focuses on how to create a Canvas assignment with tools like FlipGrid, TechSmith Knowmia (formerly Relay), as well as embed multimedia elements into Canvas Discussions.

Presenter: Tammi Redd
Date: 8/26/20
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Using Canvas Discussion Forums

Discussions in Canvas are a great tool for students to share their ideas and reflect on each other’s posts. This workshop highlights how to create a new Discussion, reply to student posts, and incorporate multimedia into the forums.

Presenter: Michael Bitz
Date: 8/26/20
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Outcomes and Rubrics in Canvas

Canvas enables instructors to track student performance across learning outcomes designated for the course. This workshop highlights how to set up the learning outcomes, build rubrics based on those outcomes, and view the Learning Mastery system in Canvas.

Presenter: Michael Bitz
Date: 8/25/20
DURATION: 1:05:31
Watch Video – Password: iPM7MJSp

Using Canvas Pages to Organize Your Course

The Pages tool in Canvas offers a dynamic and visually appealing way to present your content. This workshop covers how to create a course Front Page, upload and embed images and video, and build an entire course through the Pages functions.

Presenter: Sharon Leathers
Date: 8/24/20
Duration: 1:03:22
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Using Canvas Modules to Organize Your Course

Modules are the basic building blocks for course content in Canvas. This workshop covers how to create a new module, add content to the module, and organize the content that you upload.

Presenter: Michael Bitz
Date: 8/24/20
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Increasing Student Engagement with Canvas: Assignments, Discussions, and More

Canvas is a powerful tool for increasing student engagement with innovative assignments and interactive discussion forums. This workshop focuses on best practices for creating assignments, providing feedback, and organizing grades. Participants will view sample assignments and explore a range of feedback options. We will also examine the simple process for creating discussion forums to promote community and engagement in your course.

Presenter: Michael Bitz
Date: 6/11/20
DURATION: 0:56:14
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Best Practices for Remote Learning

This workshop presents best practices from research and faculty experience for teaching online courses. Topics include synchronous vs. asynchronous course delivery, course management, student engagement, forums and chats, projects and research, and assessment.
Presenter: Michael Bitz

Date: 6/2/20
DURATION: 01:10:26
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Date: 3/24/20
DURATION: 0:56:02
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2020 Faculty Teach & Share Conference

Conference Theme: Fabulous Faculty Creating Active and Effective Teaching and Learning

ExperiencesThis two-day remote event aims to inspire and support faculty members wishing to learn about effective remote teaching. Day 1 will feature discussions regarding effective course design, including assessment, content delivery, teaching and learning activities, and student engagement. Day 1 will end with a special discussion about teaching lab courses remotely. On Day 2, faculty colleagues will showcase best practices and share their successes with engaging assignments, useful ways to deliver content, and effective methods for building community. Day 2 will end with separate focus groups devoted to fieldwork and studio classes.The sessions will be moderated by Lysandra Perez-Strumolo, Tammi Redd, and Michael Bitz along with additional faculty colleagues who will share their experiences with remote teaching and learning.

Date: 5/18/20-5/19/20

Situational Factors and Measuring Student Progress in Remote Learning Environments
Panelists: Lysandra Perez-Strumolo, Michael Bitz, Tammi Redd – Slides
Watch Video – password: HgPKqrR3
DURATION: 01:54:25

Content Delivery: Effective Teaching and Learning Activities for Engaging Students with Course Material
Panelist: Jeremy Teigen – Slides
Watch Video – password: RwJQpBk6
DURATION: 01:27:33

Science Lab Focus Group
Moderator: Sarah Carberry – Slides
Watch Video – password: bTBJWgA7
DURATION: 01:05:12

Engaging Online Assignments and Assessment Strategies
Panelists/Slides: Julie Fitzgerald (slides), Ann Lepore (slides), Nikhil Varma (slides) Reba Wissner (slides)
Watch Video – password: vCpYK43c
DURATION: 00:59:18

Engaging Ways to Deliver Content
Panelists/Slides: Martha Ecker, Karl Johnson, Ben Neill
Watch Video – password: 33Vkku3J
DURATION: 00:49:57

Building Online Community
Panelists/Slides: Christina Chung (slides), Julie Fitzgerald (slides), Colleen Martinez (slides)
Watch Video – password: sWRNBBS3
DURATION: 00:58:57

Fieldwork and Field Course Focus Group
Moderator: Lysandra Perez-Strumolo
Watch Video – password: gXptZD2h
DURATION: 00:57:02

Conduct Virtual Class Sessions and Office Hours Remotely Through Webex

Webex is a powerful teaching and conferencing platform that enables instructors to conduct live online classes and office hours. This workshop will introduce the basics of Webex and demonstrate its tools, including chat, screenshare, polling, and more. Webex is an ideal platform for synchronous learning for online and hybrid courses, and it makes for a great way to hold class even on snow days.

Presenter: Trish Williams
Date: 6/23/20
DURATION: 00:58:31
Watch Video – Password: cYxacmW3

Google Groups for Managing Discussions

Google Groups are quickly becoming a popular tool at Ramapo. A Group provides a web page to manage Group discussions. Group members can start or join discussions by posting a new topic, or responding to posts in your Group. Learn how to participate in a Group discussion, or request a new group.
Presented by Trish Williams, September 25, 2018.
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