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Important notes for resetting your password:

If you do not follow these steps your devices will instantly try to reconnect to the network with your old password and you will be locked out, just as if you typed the wrong one several times in a row.  (You may want to print these steps prior to proceeding)

1 – Forget the saved WiFi network on all your devices

Prior to changing your password any phones, tablets, computers, game consoles (Xbox, Playstation, etc), TV Devices (Amazon Fire, AppleTV, Roku, etc), Smart Speakers (Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc) or anything else that you saved your network password on will need to disconnect from the network.

  • For a typical smart phone, this means going in to the WiFi settings, choosing the network (ie Ramapo-Open, Ramapo-Secured) and then hitting “Forget Network”.
  • For a computer, this means going to the Wireless Network Connections and Forgetting the Network (steps vary by computer/operating system)
  • Other devices vary but it will be under the Network Settings of the device in question.

2 – Make sure all the devices that you use to connect to Ramapo Network Services with your account are off except for the one you are using to actually change your password.

3 – Change your password.  If you know your current password use the “Change Password” Button below.  If you don’t know your password use the “Activate Email” Button.

4 – After changing your password, if you are using WiFi immediately forget the network and then reconnect with your new password.  If you are on a wired connection logout of your current device then log back in, connecting to the network with your new password.

5 – Finally reconnect to the wireless network with your devices as needed, preferably one at a time in case there is an issue.  By doing them one at a time you will know which device caused the issue.

Activate E-mail      Password Change