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Warning: Email Phishing Attempts

The Help Desk has been receiving numerous reports of phishing email messages, with the subject “Ramapo College Of New Jersey Re-evaluated and Up to Date An Information, Policy and Procedure Guide For All Employees”. These email messages were NOT sent by Ramapo College. Please DO NOT respond to this message. If there are any embedded links or attachments, DO NOT click on them. You may disregard and delete this message. If you have any questions about the validity of this or any other email, please contact the Help Desk directly at 201-684-7777 or via email:



All classrooms, labs, and faculty and staff offices are equipped for Internet access, and all resident students’ rooms are wired with compatible technology and cable TV. More than 30 technologically advanced computer labs containing nearly 600 PC and Macintosh computers are available throughout the campus, some open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Residence Halls

Housing at Ramapo offers students convenient modern amenities including:

  • High-speed Internet connections for each resident.
  • Telephone with voice mail for each resident.
  • Cable television with premium channel.


Robert Doster
Interim CIO
Office: E-115D
Phone: (201) 684-7870

Robin Keller
Director, Applications Development
Office:  E108
Phone: (201) 684-6838

Michael Bitz
Director, Instructional Design Center
Office: E-235
Phone: (201) 684-7369

Jefferson Sampson
Director, Academic Media Services /
Networking Infrastructure
Office: E-115-1
(201) 684-7402

Tim Babasade
Director, Client Services Manager
Office: E-115A
(201) 684-6821


RCNJ ITS Policies and Procedures

The RCNJ ITS Department regards this document as a work in progress. Because of this, these policies and procedures undergo regular reviews and modifications. Therefore, it is up to each individual employee or associate to remain current on the updated policies and procedures.

Changes in these policies and procedures after the initial agreement signature date does not allow non-compliance or permit the employee or associate to engage in activities contradictory to the modifications made after the initial agreement signature date.

To view the RCNJ ITS Policies and Procedures, please click here.