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What types of computer services are available at the college?

The Information Technology Services (ITS) department provides academic computing, administrative information systems, and telecommunications services to faculty, staff, and students. The 24-hour computer labs are equipped with hundreds of computers plus the full gamut of scanners, printers, CD-ROM’s and digital equipment. All labs, classrooms, and local area network facilities are linked to a campus-wide network for Internet access.

What do students need to bring upon moving to Ramapo to connect to the Internet?

To connect to ResNet, you need three things and a valid Ramapo Email account: A computer capable of network connectivity, the computer must meet the following minimum system requirements, an RJ-45 Patch Cable, and a 10/100 or 10 Base-T Ethernet Card.

It is helpful to bring all of the CDs that originally came with your machine, the network card, and any other devices that you may have. We don’t always have the right software or devices to support everyone’s machine.

Can the student configure and register the computer BEFORE arriving at Ramapo?

Students must register their connection using the computer they want to use from the room they will be staying in at the college. This will give us a record of where the student is located and what kind of computer they are using in the event that we need to contact them about issues in their building or with their computer. Once a computer has been registered with the ResNET it can be used campus wide.