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Receiving Inbound Fax:

Based on the specific fax extension/number, an email will be sent to individual(s) or a group email as specified by your department/area leadership.  Faxes received will be from the user  The entire fax will be received as an attachment to the email received in the designated email inbox.

To send a FAX email:

All staff/faculty with a dedicated campus phone extension will be able to send a fax using the email system.

Please follow these instructions.

  1.  Create a new email

    1. Email to:

    2. In Subject line: type the fax number to send (as if you are dialing from your phone) type 91xxxxxxxxxx OR for internal faxing you MUST type the 4 digit extension xxxx.
      OPTIONAL:  You can add the recipient’s name as well as a fax name in this field.  To do this, follow this example:
      John Smith ((912015551212)) Fax Invoice

    3. Type any additional information in the body of the email

      1. The body of the email can be used as the Fax cover letter, or the whole message.  It is recommended that you note what your return fax number is here.

    4. Attached the document (if applicable)

      1. If sending a document from your computer make sure it is a .pdf file.

      2. You can send as many attachments to the fax as you would like.

  2. Send the email

    1. You will receive an email confirmation that your fax request has been added to the queue.

    2. Once the fax has been sent you will receive a confirmation email with the success or failure of the request.

If you do not have a dedicated Ramapo Extension associated with your email address and need to send a fax, please contact our helpdesk or call extension 7777 to open a ticket for assistance.


Thank you for your assistance as we continue to move towards a paperless environment.