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Canvas logoCanvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) at Ramapo College. A Learning Management System (LMS) is a platform used to deliver courses, and can be used for online, hybrid, or face-to-face courses. The LMS allows you to post course resources, create learning activities, setup assignments, manage group work, setup a grade book, communicate with your students, and more. All faculty are encouraged to attend an IDC workshop on Canvas and review the resources provided below.

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Canvas Tutorials and Guides for Students

The Student Experience (18 min.)
Learning how to use a new Learning Management System (LMS) is probably among a long list of challenges at the start of a student’s educational journey. This is why we created the Student Experience video; as a tool to assist new students on day one, from opening a course invitation email to how to submit an assignment file before the due date. This video will provide new students with the basics in getting started in Canvas with personal settings, course layout and communication, and submission feedback, while also giving other educational roles a glimpse from a student perspective when navigating Canvas for the first time.

Canvas Student Tour (35 min.)
This Canvas course contains a self-paced series of videos to familiarize students with Canvas (including profile, communication, discussions, assignments, grades, quizzes, and more). When students login to Canvas they will see the Canvas Student Tour course on their dashboard.

Passport to CanvasThis self-paced Canvas course provides everything students need to know about using Canvas in your classes. Learn about communication tools, navigation, assignments, quizzes, discussion, grades and feedback, peer interactions, and the student mobile app. When students login to Canvas they will see the Passport to Canvas course listed in the announcements at the top of their dashboard.

Video Tutorials for Students (By Topic)

Canvas Guides for Students (By Topic)

Canvas Mobile App for Students (iOS and Android)

Help – login to Canvas and students can access the Help menu in the left column navigation where they can:

  • Report a Problem – which will generate a Help Desk ticket
  • Ask Your Instructor a Question
  • Search the Canvas Guides
Canvas Tutorials and Guides for Instructors

First Look and Course Basics are two introductory training sessions that are each available as recordings. These sessions will give new users a sneak peek into what they will experience as they begin their Canvas journey.

First Look  (31:35)
First Look introduces participants to the Canvas environment, login procedure, and global navigation. Attendees will explore account setup, personal preferences, and communication tools such as the inbox and calendar. This session also presents the numerous avenues for support available to each Canvas user.

Course Basics  (54:51)
Course Basics provides an overview of the layout and features included in a Canvas course. Users will learn about the Course Navigation Menu and individual components that can be used to deliver content and assess student performance. This introductory demonstration provides users with the background knowledge to begin their Canvas journey.

Video Tutorials for Instructors (By Topic)

Canvas Guides for Instructors (By Topic)

How to Setup and Use the Attendance Tool in Canvas – Video
How to Take Roll Call Using the Attendance Tool (Guide)

How to Create a Turnitin Assignment in Canvas (PDF Guide)
How to Create a Turnitin Assignment in Canvas – Video
Using Turnitin Assignments in Canvas  (Guide)

How to Setup Webex Meetings from Google Calendar and Add the Meeting Information into a Canvas Course (PDF Guide)
How to Setup Webex Meetings on and Add the Meeting Information Into a Canvas Course (PDF Guide)
How to Setup Webex on Your Canvas Course with the Cisco Webex link (PDF Guide)

Add FlipGrid to Your Canvas Course (Guide)

Best Practice For Copying and Pasting from Microsoft Word Documents into Canvas (Mac & Windows) – Guide (PDF)
Best Practice For Copying and Pasting from Microsoft Word Documents into Canvas (Mac) – Video
Best Practice For Copying and Pasting from Microsoft Word Documents into Canvas (Windows) – Video

Canvas Mobile Apps for Instructors (iOS and Android)

How to import your content into Canvas

The Instructional Design Center will be available to help you import your course content into Canvas. Please consider this an opportunity to update your course so that unused, or unnecessary content is not brought over to Canvas, thereby reducing space requirements of courses. Canvas Courses are limited to 1000 MB, or 1 GB of content data.

Hands-on Training for Instructors

IDC Workshops – Hands-on workshops are offered by the IDC to help faculty learn Canvas and develop their Canvas courses. Visit to view the workshop schedule and to register online. Also, see recorded workshops.

Individual Assistance – Faculty can drop by for IDC virtual office hours.

Virtual Drop-in Office Hours – Log on with specific instructional technology questions or concerns, and we will help you problem solve. Drop-in hours and link are posted on the IDC Homepage.

Online Training for Instructors

Canvas Courses (for Faculty)

Login to Canvas and you will see the following courses on your dashboard to help you get started and learn Canvas: 

  • “Growing with Canvas” is a self-paced interactive course with 7 modules where you will learn and try out features, and experience Canvas as a student. This course is for you if you want to learn Canvas in depth, while experiencing the Canvas platform.
  • “Canvas Teacher Tour” (45 minutes) contains self-paced series of videos.

Canvas Online Training Portal (for Faculty)

All instructors will have access to the Canvas online training portal to enroll in on-demand, self-paced courses, learning pathways, or view individual videos for targeted topics. Faculty members can access the online training after logging into Canvas as follows:

  1. Log into Canvas with your Ramapo username and password at
  2. Click on the “Important Links and Resources” menu on the left navigation, then select “Training Services Portal” 
  3. You will be directed to a page that says “Training Portal is requesting access to your account,’ select “Authorize.” 
  4. Click through the tutorial, then click “Do Not Show Again” on the last screen and click “complete.”
  5. You will be directed to a page that says “Authorization required.” “Authorize Training Portal to use your account,” select “Authorize” (first-time access only.)
  6. You will be brought to the Learning Library page, for on-demand, self-paced training organized into A.) learning pathways (a series of courses), B.) courses, and C.) individual videos for targeted topics. Select the “Tags” (“faculty” and “higher education”) to filter the most appropriate courses.

LinkedIn Learning (for Faculty)

LinkedIn Learning provides online, self-paced, video-based courses on Canvas including: 

  • “Learning Canvas” (1 hr. 54 min.) 
  • “Canvas: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques.” (1 hr. 44 min.) 

Complete the Request Access Form at the time you want to do the LinkedIn Learning training, and the IDC will provide you one of our ten licenses to LinkedIn Learning for a period of time. Please note this is only available to faculty and staff.

Canvas Community

Connect with the Canvas Community of users to find solutions or ask questions.

Canvas Teaching Circle

This teaching circle focuses on the use of Canvas. Particpants will share their experiences with Canvas, including their successes and challenges. We will also review the Canvas tools for content delivery, assignments, and grading. Register separately for each date of the Canvas Teaching Circle you plan to attend.

Canvas Display Name Change

To Set Your Preferred Display Name in Your Canvas Profile

  • Click Account in Global Navigation.  Then click the Settings Link.
  • Click the Edit Settings Button
  • Go to the Display Name and enter your preferred name.
  • Click Update Settings.
  • Your Display Name now shows your preferred name in your User Settings
Changes to your name on class rosters and other systems across campus should be submitted to the Used Name Committee.
Canvas FAQ

How do Instructors access Canvas?
Instructors now have access to Canvas at,  in which they can explore the system and get accustomed to the features of Canvas. Login using your Ramapo user name and password. Instructors and students can view the help resources that are available on this page. 

What browsers are recommended?
Chrome and FireFox are best. Internet Explorer is NOT recommended.

Is there a mobile app available?
Yes! Canvas apps are available for students and teachers for Android and iOS devices. There are two separate apps, for students and teachers. Search for Canvas in the app store of your device to get started.

I use Turnitin, Respondus, a publisher test bank, or another technological resource. Are they available in Canvas?
Yes, Turnitin and Respondus are available in Canvas. Check the Instructional Technologies page for more information. Check with Ray Fallon for assistance with integrating publisher test banks or other third-party applications. 

How do I setup a Turnitin assignment in Canvas?
From your course homepage, go to Assignments on left navigation. Click + Assignment. Enter assignment name and details. Under the submission type drop down menu select external tool. Click the Find button and Turnitin will appear on the list so you can select it.

How to Create a Turnitin Assignment in Canvas — PDF Guide
How to Create a Turnitin Assignment in Canvas – Video

What kind of training is available to learn Canvas?
Help resources are available on this Canvas page. Training for instructors is available through the Instructional Design Center.  View the upcoming workshop schedule and recorded workshops. Students resources to learn Canvas are available on this page as well.

Who should I contact for assistance with Canvas?
Virtual dropping office hours and the link are posted on the IDC Homepage. Any problems or questions should be sent to the Help Desk. Please provide your course name, section, CRN and semester in your email to