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Welcome To College Park Apartments (CPA)!

The apartment complex consists of fourteen buildings adjacent to The Overlook and Kameron Pond.

Apartments house approximately 560 students in two – or three-story buildings with two bedrooms, bath, and kitchen/living room. There are some duplexes. The College Park Apartments are designated dry (alcohol is prohibited).

Phase I Buildings: Buckeye, Elm, Hickory, Holly, International, Mimosa, Palm, Redwood and Science

Phase II Buildings: Butternut, Cypress, Mulberry , Sycamore and Tamarack

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Phase I and Phase II Building Information


Living room: couch, two chairs, end table, coffee table

Bedroom: bed, x-long mattress, desk, desk chair and wardrobe

Kitchen: full size refrigerator/freezer, dining table with four chairs, cabinet space. Phase I buildings have microwave-convention ovens with stove tops and Phase II buildings have ovens with stove tops. Buckeye and Holly (Phase I) are newly renovated buildings in Phase I. The kitchens include: a microwave, an oven and a stove top. The updated bathrooms have showers and do not include bathtubs like the other buildings in CPA.

Temperature control:

Phase I is controlled by high to low and Phase II is controlled by a set number/degree that the resident can choose to set the heat and or air to.


Phase I apartments have carpeting in the bedrooms and not the common living areas. Phase II bedrooms have carpets. Some Phase II apartments have carpeting in the common living areas.


Each resident will get their ID coded at the Lodge, which will give them access to the front door. Each resident will get a punch code at the Lodge which will give them access to their bedroom doors. Phase I’s doors are in a quad like format where the resident will enter the quad, then swipe into the apartment door. Phase II’s door is directly outside and the resident can swipe into their apartment from the outside.


There are outside cameras through out the Phase I and Phase II areas.

Meal Plans:

Meal plans are optional for residents of the College Park Apartments.

Communities within the College Park Apartments

1. Sustainable Living Eco-stewardship Program (SLE)

Ramapo College’s SLE Program, relaunched in the Spring of 2017, aims to engage undergraduate students in promoting green lifestyles and in taking leadership roles for sustainability action on campus. The SLE Program draws on the tradition of our previous Sustainable Living Facility (SLF) program, and aims to broaden the agenda to include sustainability action. This is a residential program for students committed to practicing a sustainable lifestyle, and become ecological stewards within the Ramapo College student community.

2. Gender Inclusive Housing

Ramapo College seeks to provide a living environment welcoming to all gender identities; one not limited by the traditional gender binary. Gender Inclusive Housing allows for same-gender, opposite-gender or other-gender identities to live together regardless of biological sex.

Events and Activities on Campus

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