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All resident students should have reviewed the College’s various guides and policies. The following are important documents for review:

Maintenance - Service and Requests


No dial-tone, static on line, cross talk, damaged instrument

Dial x7777, Telecommunications Manager will resolve.

Voice Mail Setup

See instructions issued in your check-in packet. For additional assistance, dial x7777.


No Cable Service

(Please provide your name, telephone extension, Residence Hall number, and best time to be reached.)

Data / Network Connections

Network connection not working

Maintenance / Facilities

Work Orders, Repairs

Information about the Facilities work order system is available online, here.

Please reach out to your hall/area office if you would like to submit a work order. The office will ensure that the work order is logged appropriately.

Programming Your Cable TV

In order to receive all of the available channels, some TVs have settings in their menus that you must fiddle with. Here’s what to do:

  • Use your TV remote (A universal remote, usually will not work for this, and there is no way to proceed without your TV’s original remote.)
  • Access your TV Menu from either the front panel or the remote.
    • Every TV is different but look for a setting that says “TUNER” or “CHANNEL”
    • For some TVs, these options will open a second menu, but most have the choices right there. Either way, the “TUNER” or “CHANNEL” menu option will give you a number of choices. These choices will affect what your television will receive.
      • If your TV is set to “ANT”, or “ANTENNA” or “AIR”, you will only get the non-cable channels.
      • Set your TV to “CABLE”, “STD”, “STANDARD” or “AUTO” to get the full range of channels offered by our campus.
    • There are times when just setting the TV to “cable” is not enough.  You may need to run the “AUTO PROGRAM” in order to capture EVERY channel.  A good rule of thumb is to try tuning in to one of the higher channels; like 65, to see if it comes through.  If it does, you have full access.  If not, then run the“AUTO PROGRAM” and try channel 65 again.
    • While unlikely, we have also run across TV’s with a physical switch located on the TV near the connector labeled similarly, please make sure it is set for the cable setting.
  • Certain older TV’s are not able to receive cable channels, the only thing we can suggest for you at this point is to turn the cable channels through your DVD/VCR.
  • If there is still a problem receiving cable, please send an e-mail to and within the message include your name, phone number, best time to contact you and best time to meet you in your room.
Recycling and Sustainability in the Residences

We are excited to provide the below information regarding Sustainability at Ramapo College:

Residence Life supports the College’s Mission to Sustainability.  Every year we team up with the President’s Climate Commitment Task Force, “1Step,” to present “The Green Fact’s Challenge,” Where each Residence Hall competes to see which Hall can save the most in energy!

You will receive e-mail shortly for when your door-to-door recycling program will begin.

For more detailed information, please visit the Ramapo Green Website.

Residence Computer Network (ResNet)


Computers and information technology have become an integral part of academic, administrative and residential life. The Ramapo Residential Network (ResNET) is committed to providing in-room network connections in Residence Halls to provide residential access to network resources, including e-mail, Library resources and the World Wide Web as additional support of the overall mission of the college.

ResNET provides high-speed Ethernet access for students living in the Ramapo College Residence Halls (Pine, Linden, Bischoff Hall, and Mackin Hall), College Park Apartments, The Village, and The Overlook.

Networking support is available from ResNET for all Macintosh and Windows computers meeting the minimum system requirements. ResNET does support users running other operating systems or systems not meeting minimum system requirements may obtain a network connection but may not be supported.