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Residence Life Mailroom




The Residence Life Mailroom is now located in the Lodge in the College Park Apartments. It is responsible for distributing all packages to residents that are sent to Ramapo.

Mailroom Hours

During the academic year or while classes are in session, hours for the Residence Life mailroom are subject to change based on the availability of the student staff.

FRESH FOOD/FLOWERS/PERISHABLES: Due to delays at the start of the semester, if you or family members are sending fresh food/flowers/perishable items, please email Please provide tracking information and expected delivery dates so we can be on the look out for packages containing these items. 

**Special Notes** 

Good Luck on Finals and Congratulations to our 2022 Graduates!


Summer 2022 Mailroom Hours

By Appointment

If you receive a package during the summer months (May 9 through August 27), please email once you receive the Package Check In Notification. We will schedule a day and time for you to come pick up your package. 


The mailroom may be reached at 201-684-6639 or 201-684-7461. Should you have any mail/package concerns, please email You may also contact Michael La Porta directly at

To request disability related accommodations, please contact the Office of Residence Life at 201-684-7461.

Parking in CPA

There are 3 newly assigned, temporary parking spaces located in the area near the CPA Laundry Room. They are 15 minute temporary parking spots for the mailroom only. Please utilize these spaces in order to retrieve packages from the mailroom.

Picking Up Packages

Once a package is delivered to the mailroom, residents will receive a package check-in notification email from the mailroom with their package details.

All packages are first processed through Ramapo’s Central Receiving. If a package is being tracked through the mail, students may receive tracking notification from the company that a package arrived to campus. That does not mean the Residence Life mailroom received the package yet. We encourage students to wait until they receive a confirmation email from our mailroom before coming to pick up their package.

Additionally, if your name is not on the package, it will not get delivered to you. It will be sent back to the sender. Please be sure to address your packages appropriately. If a package is delivered to campus not in your name, but someone else’s name and it is for you, that person will need to email granting permission to release the package to you.

Addressing Packages and Letters Properly

John Comp (example)

501 Ramapo Valley Road

MAHWAH, NJ 07430

Packages that only have a first name or a name not identifiable based on our rosters or mail system, will be delayed in processing.

Please note: there is a 501 and 505 Ramapo Valley Road in OAKLAND, NJ. Please do not address packages to these locations. You must use MAHWAH, NJ 07430.

Picking Up Letters

Any non-packages (letters, postcards, etc) sent to residents at Ramapo will be brought to their hall or area office’s mailroom. Residents may pick up letters from their Residence Hall mailbox assigned at check-in.

Sending Letters/Packages

Residents who wish to send letters or packages may drop them off at the Residence Life Mailroom, pending that they have proper postage. Mail/packages are dropped off and picked up from our mailroom once per business day.