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Room Change Process

Room Change Process Information

Open Room Change Timeline for Fall 2024
  • The Room Change Request form is available via the housing portal on TBD.
  • Room Change Request form submissions are due no later than 10pm on TBD.
  • Room Change Request outcome responses are sent via email on TBD.
  • Approved Room Changes to new assignments occur between 8pm and 10pm on TBD.

Dates are subject to change.

  • Once a room change request has been approved, the resident will be required to check in to their new housing assignment. Failing to fulfill the approved room change may result in a $75 improper checkout fee, charged to the student’s account. The student may still be required to relocate, as room changes may impact other residents’ approved room changes.
  • Room change requests are not guaranteed, as requests are contingent upon spaces that are available to the specific resident, at the time of placement.
  • The Room Change Process is not based on form submission first come, first serve basis; therefore students are encouraged to take diligence in completing the form. To resolve room change request conflicts, the highest earned credits may be considered.
  • Residents who reside in traditional residence halls such as Mackin, Bischoff, Pine, and Laurel are not permitted to have household appliances, as per the prohibited items list. Residents who reside in The College Park Apartments or The Village are permitted to have most household appliances. All students who relocate are encouraged to refer to the prohibited items list. Please review this list before moving.
  • Residents who reside in traditional residence halls such as Mackin, Bischoff, Overlook, and Laurel are required to have a meal plan. Only residents assigned to The Village and The College Park Apartments have the option of forgoing a meal plan. Residents relocated to The Village or The College Park Apartments during the open room change period, have the option of dropping their meal plan (if applicable); these residents must email by the advertised meal plan change date for the semester. Residents who do not select a meal plan will automatically be assigned the Simple 7 meal plan. Residents relocated to The Village or The College Park Apartments, after the semester deadline date to drop a meal plan, will not have the option of removing their meal plan if they have one.
  • If you are applying for an alcohol-allowed assignment, you must complete the alcohol-allowed agreement form prior to your room change request submission.
  • Please note that it is the resident’s responsibility to review room and board costs, which are posted on the Office of Student Accounts website.
  • Residents who are approved for a room change are responsible for updating their parking information (if applicable). Residents with current parking permits must go to the Office of Public Safety (ID room) to return their old parking permit for a new one. Residents requesting a parking permit for the first time must apply at Questions regarding parking should be emailed to the Office of Public Safety at
  • Once a room change has been approved; cancellations cannot occur as this could impact other residents who have also been approved for a room change.

Accessing the Room Change Form

In order to access the Room Change Form a student must officially check-in for the semester with the current housing assignment Hall Office.

  1. Log into your Online Housing Portal
  2. Select “Online Forms”
  3. Select the Room Change Request Form

Room Change Request Form – Online Housing Portal