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Service Request

Centralized Refuse Collection Locations 2021-08-27


On Line Service Request    General Cleaning & Disinfection Guidelines

COVID Supplies Ordering Process    Routine Repair vs Capital Improvement


How to Submit a Facilities Work Request

You can submit a request using any of the following methods:


Directions for Requesting COVID-19 Supply Replenishments ONLY

COVID supplies will be delivered and tracked by Building Services (Housekeeping). Units will receive chargebacks for wipes, however funds will be allocated via the Budget Office. Unit funding does not need to be requested. The Work Order system will allow the College to establish a baseline of use and assist with planning for COVID supplies going forward.

To place orders for disinfectant wipes or refills for the wipe and hand sanitizer dispensers, please follow the process below.

1. Using the Web Help Desk web console, log into the system here: 

2. For Request Type, select “Facilities” from the drop-down menu.

For Request Type, select “Facilities” from the drop-down menu. 

3. Select “COVID Supplies.”

Select “COVID Supplies.” 

4. From the menu under Request Type, select the type of supply needed to be replenished:

5. For each request, please fill out the following information where applicable:

  • Request Detail –used to provide any additional details involving the dispenser refill.
  • Case – for areas with high visitor volume (ex – Admissions). Cases should not be ordered for individual employees or for personal use.
  • Package – limit 3 per request.
  • Dispenser ID (required if it’s for a dispenser). ID can be found on physical dispenser
  • FOP – (required) this is to keep track of orders and resources. The charge will appear under the Unit’s FOP solely for supply tracking purposes.
  • Delivery Instructions – (required) specific location (ex – “leave on top of Joe’s desk”)

The form should look similar to this:

For each request, please fill out the following information where applicable

6. Click Save to submit the request. You will receive a confirmation email upon submission.

If you need additional assistance, please contact the Facilities Department: (201) 684-7663