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Capital Project Status Report – September 7, 2017


Library Rehabilitation and Learning Commons Addition

The existing Library was built in 1976.  It is in need of rehabilitation to rectify water infiltration and mold, an upgrade of its electrical and technological infrastructure, furniture and fixture replacement, and the creation of new spaces for group and silent study.

The College was awarded a grant in the amount of $15 million, which will be supplemented by $10 million of new debt issued in April 2017, as well as fundraising efforts and use of reserves totaling $15 million.

On November 21, 2016 The Board of Trustees approved Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architects, and the President has assembled a Task Force to assess the programmatic needs of the new Library space.

The design team has presented the final program report and conceptual design to the task force in August 2017 with final approval expected on September 25, 2017 at the next Board of Trustees meeting.  If approved, the design team will progress into design development and scheduled deliverable of this design package to the College is December 2018 for review and approval.

Expected move of library functions and other stake holders currently in the existing library to swing space will occur summer of 2018 allowing for the renovation to start in the fall of 2018.  Scheduled completion of the project is January 2021.

Architect: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Construction Management: Cambridge Construction Management, Clinton, New Jersey


College Park Apartments Interior Renovations and Exterior of the Laundry Room and Site Repairs and Improvements

The Phase I residences Buckeye, Holly, International, Mimosa, Science, Elm, and Palm Halls are complete with occupancy by students.

Mulberry Hall is currently under construction and will be complete January 2018. Cypress Hall is currently scheduled to begin renovation Spring 2018 and completion is scheduled for August 2018. The renovation of the remaining halls have been deferred.

Architects: Comerro Coppa Architects, Totowa, NJ & SNS Architects & Engineers, Montvale, New Jersey
Construction Management: Cambridge Construction Management, Clinton, New Jersey
Contractors: GL Group, Inc. Bloomingdale, NJ & Slate Construction, Pequannock, New Jersey


Student Center Dining Services Alterations and Expansion

The project is complete with receipt of Certificate of Occupancy issued by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.

Architect: Connor Architecture LLC, Arlington, Massachusetts
Construction Management: Cambridge Construction Management, Clinton, New Jersey
General Contractor: Slate Construction, Pequanock, New Jersey


Phase I Academic Building Restrooms/Core Ceilings Renovation/Door Replacement

The two-story, 166,000 GSF Phase I Academic Building was first occupied in September 1971. Its five wings (A-E) are separated by six cores (1-6).

The renovation work consisted of remodeling all the bathrooms with new tile, bathroom partitions, sinks, toilets, granite countertops, hand dryers, and lighting.  In addition, the project covered installing new ceilings, flooring, doors and lighting in the cores.

The core renovations are complete, and all aluminum exterior entrance doors have been retrofitted with a continuous hinge that will provide more strength and security to the doors.

Architect: RSC Architects, Hackensack, New Jersey
Construction Management: Cambridge Construction Management, Clinton, New Jersey
Contractor: APS Contracting Inc., Paterson, New Jersey


Padovano College Commons

The plans and specifications for this project reflect the repurposing of a former Copy Center located in an old stone garage adjacent to the Spiritual Center and Student Center for dining, socializing and meeting.  A generous pledge from Professor Anthony Padovano helped advance the project. Work is in progress.  The renovated building will be available for occupancy in October 2017.

Architects/Engineers: ikon.5 Architects, Princeton, New Jersey
General Contractor: GL Group Inc., Bloomingdale, New Jersey


Campuswide Fiber Infrastructure Upgrade

Installation, termination and testing of the fiber to all campus buildings is complete.  Test results have been certified by the engineer for acceptance and manufacturer warranties received.  Switch installation is in progress and completion of all work is anticipated by February 2018.

Architects/Engineers: Commsult Group, Jersey City, New Jersey
General Contractor: Johnston Communications, North Arlington, New Jersey


Relocation of Public Safety

Envisioned is a new building located on the site of the existing White House, also known as the Visiting Scholars Residence, which will be demolished in or in part as part of the project.  The facility will: 1) be directly accessible from Route 202 and the main parking field to obviate the need for local law enforcement to travel to the center of the campus; 2) provide an off-campus emergency operations center and access by administrators during time of an incident or “lock down” of the campus; and 3) be aesthetic and enhance the view of the campus from Route 202.

An initial construction cost estimate is significantly higher than anticipated.  The programming of the facility is under review and value engineering options are being evaluated.

Project Architect: Mitchell | Giurgola Architects LLP, New York, New York 


Campuswide Fire Alarm Monitoring and Network Upgrade

The purpose of this project is to migrate the campus fire alarm monitoring system from a dedicated copper/fiber network to an Internet Protocol (IP) based system using existing internet communication equipment, switches and network lines. The existing dedicated system and equipment are obsolete, and the industry has moved to an IP based system.. The project entails replacement of all the individual building fire alarm panels and interfacing them with existing network switches. At some locations, UPS or generator power that supplies these switches will be upgraded.

All existing network switches that are located in buildings equipped with emergency generators are now connected to the generators.  The new fire alarm monitoring system head end computers located in public safety have gone live and have been connected to G-Building and the Adler Center fire panels.  The migration to the new system is still on target to be finished by the end of the calendar year.

Contractor/ Engineers: United Fire Protection, Kenilworth, New Jersey


Mansion Entry and Stair Alterations

An analysis of the existing conditions at the Mansion’s front entrance recommends the complete demolition and replacement of both steps and the ramp. In connection with this project, a review of the building’s egress requirements is underway to confirm adequate code compliance during and after construction.  This project will be rebid, and the expectation is that completion of this work will be Fall 2017.

Landscape Architect: MKW + Associates, LLC, Rutherford, New Jersey
Project Architect: RSC Architects, Hackensack, New Jersey


Padovano Peace Pavilion Water Infiltration Remediation

The Padovano Peace Pavilion has water infiltrating along the windows of the building. The remediation plan reflects reskinning the roof and redesigning the windows to preclude pooling and ponding of water and compromising of the roof.

The new waterproofing membrane has been applied, new curtain wall windows installed, and roofing has begun.  The structure is still not water tight, and further investigation is required to determine future progression.

Architect: Holzman-Moss-Bottino Architects, New York, New York
Construction Management: Cambridge Construction Management, Clinton, New Jersey
Contractor: Suburban Construction, Valhalla, New York


Photovoltaic System Public/Private Partnership (P3)

Pursuant to the New Jersey Economic Stimulus Act of 2009, the College entered into a Public/Private Partnership (P 3) with National Energy. The agreement calls for the private parties to construct and operate a photovoltaic system on campus that includes solar carport canopies in the main parking fields; ground-mounted solar panels on the berm near the south entrance/exit of the campus; and solar panels on the roofs of the Phase I Academic Building, Mackin Hall, Bischoff Hall, and the Bill Bradley Sports & Recreation Center.

The General Contractor has started installation of the solar panels. Array installations at Mackin and Bischoff Halls are substantially complete.  Work is progressing on schedule on the Phase I Academic and Library Buildings.  Installation of ground-mounted arrays and carports are anticipated to begin after May 2017. Completion of the solar project is anticipated to be Winter 2018.

Consulting Engineer for Solar Installation: Gannett Fleming Engineers and Architects, New York, New York
Construction Management: Cambridge Construction Management, Clinton, New Jersey
Contractor: A&E Construction Company, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania  


G-Wing Nano Lab

After completion of the G-Wing Renovation project, TAS requested the renovation of existing unused space within the building be renovated to create a teaching/research lab related to nano-technology.

A construction contract has been awarded to Precision Building and Construction to renovate existing space on the first floor of G-Wing.  Work is scheduled to commence September 2017 and be complete by December 2017.

Project Architect: Mitchell | Giurgola Architects LLP, New York, New York
Construction Manager: Cambridge Construction Manager, Clinton, New Jersey
Contractor: Precision Building and Construction, Bound Brook, New Jersey