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Facilities Administrative Offices (Keys and Locks)

The campus system of keys and locks are an integral part of the overall campus Public Safety system.

Our locksmiths are very diligent professionals whose primary responsibility is the security of the College and the College community.

All requests for keys must go to our Service Desk on an authorized key request form. The requester will be notified when the keys are ready.

All lock and key problems should be called into either the Service Desk at extension 7660 or Public Safety at extension 6666.

Most new office furniture comes with extra keys. At least one of each key should be labeled (location, use) and turned into our Service Desk, to be kept on file with the Locksmith. This will make duplication of keys or replacement of lost keys easier.

Keys must not be transferred to another person under any circumstances. To maintain campus security, all keys must be turned into the Service Desk.